I know that Aluminium is the best conductorSi being a semi-conductors and others being non-conductorsso shouldn't the trend be Nagt;Mggt;Al? with Si being a worse conductor than Na?Because why is Aluminium the best electrical conductor? because if it has the highest nuclear charge then wouldn't that mean the sea of electrons will be closer to the nucleus and therefore the flow of electrons would be greatly inhibited causing it to be a worse electrical conductor than sodium and magnesium?
What do you hope to gain by doing this? If it's an interior wall it isn't going to help wi...
i purhcased a 1 poound bag and dint use it all,now it has spoiled,i threw it away,but it left me wondering could it have been put in the freezer,?i mean look at pizzas they have cheese on them,and there frozen is that the same?
Don't have that recipe, but this is what i do 1/2 cup of mayo couple of teaspoons (total n...
i seem to sweat a lot under my armpitsSo i cant wear t-shirts because then i start to sweat and people and can se a sweat mark?what can help stop this?please no rude comments.thanks
The melting point of Aluminum is 660.37 ? C...
how the shapes of cylinders are used
The piston are round and go up and down in the round shaped cylinders...
Tomorrow some of my old friends are coming to town and having dinner at my houseUnfortunetly I have alot to do so I need something quick and easy that involves chicken since I don't have time to get to the storeAny ideas?
Quick and Easy Italian Chicken by Diana Buzby This recipe was the Grand Prize winner in ou...
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