Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

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1. Structure of Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

We professionally produce transparent color coated auminium foils used for insulated panel. Normally we use 1100 H22 as base coils and coated with clear epoxy, which is easily to be stuck with polyurathane and phenolic foam.  

We have very strict inspection management including inspection for materials, inspection during production and inspection for finished goods.

Our test equipments include optical thickness gauge, cupping test machine, mettle Toledo, tensile-strength tester, busting strength tester, elongation tester, etc.

2.Main Features of Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

Moisture resistant

Light and easy for installation

Heat preservation

Low thermal conductivity

Durable and corrosion resistance

High heat reflection

Energy Saving

3. Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels Images

 Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

4.Specification of Transparent Color Coated Aluminium Foils for Insulated Panels

Alloy: 8011/ 1100/ 1235

Temper: O/H18/H22/H24/H26

Thickness & tolerance: 0.007-0.2mm (+/-6%)

Width & tolerance: 200mm-1650mm (+/-1mm)

Mechanical properties: Tensile strength (U.T.S) ≥ 80 MPA, Elongation ≥ 1%

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546


AWhat about inspections to guarantee quality?

For each order, we will arrange strict inspection for raw materials, inspection during production and inspection for finished goods.

With requirement of customers, we also can arrange the third party inspection.

BWhat about delivery?

We will put order in production schedule after order gets confirmed against copy of TT or L/C. Normally it takes about one month for production. Exact shipment schedule is different based on different sizes and quantity.

CWhat is the MOQ?

5 tons for each size.

D. Where have you exported?

We have exported to many countries. Main markets include South East Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, etc.

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