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Apple 6splus charge may not support this accessories how to do more
When the lighting circuit and the power circuit shared ladder, BV line is not allowed to put in the ladder, so it is recommended to use the wiring of the lamp ZC-YJV-3 * 2
What brand of cable is good, what are the top ten brands of wires?
Mainly to distinguish the ground which is the ground, the color of the ground is generally yellow-green; wire two is the fire line L and zero line N, no ground wire, look at the plug on the LN mark, the corresponding good.
Apple mobile phone does not support this charge when charging this thing how to charge
Yes, it is more conducive to the protection of the battery, but if no power out of power, the data can not be saved ah, and you have to put the battery on a regular charge
If you want to sell wire and cable, then what to do in advance to detect? The The The The The
To be considered is the Great Wall power line is not long enough, the power is not big enough to see the power on the label, if the 12V to 15A or more I think will be more stable, my Dell machine power cord surprisingly short, but also To buy the extension line again.
How are various wire and cable models named?
Cable type a lot, here to give an example: ZRC-YJV22-0.6 / 1KV3 * 25 +2 * 16 This model specification means: C-class flame retardant (ZRC) XLPE insulated (YJ) PVC jacket 22) steel tape armor (0.6 / 1KV) 0.6 / 1 kV (3 * 25) 3 25 square (+ 1 * 16) plus two 16 square copper conductor flame retardant copper core steel tape armored cross-linked poly Ethylene insulated PVC sheathed low voltage electric power.
Four lines only reached a phase line, at the other end all charged, I use the digital pen! In addition, I often check the cable when the cable current through the dot digital pen voltage symbols sometimes have time to disappear, in other bare wires when the test keys are normal! What is this going on! Ask the heroes to give the younger brother a complete point of the answer! More
Bookstore tool book should have "communication project budget", I do is what you say, the budget is divided into estimates and budget, is two steps. So that is not very clear. But what is needed is the preliminary design of the project. The budget is needed for design and drawings. Internal management of this piece, the main thing is that you need to do what the project department, and are generally very complicated
Rt, the charger did not change, has been no problem before, today just plugged into the charger, the results appear as if the problem, before the out of this problem, and now only ipad power off after the power can not be charged, and ipad start , Then immediately prompted the title, can not charge more
The proportion of the cross-sectional area of the cable through the embedded pipe is 20%
Cable a fire line power and why the other did not pick up the line with a pen test also have electricity? Answer detailed point
Can do so, it seems that less a HDMI high-definition line