lacquered lidding foil

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Product Description:

Application: Lid of yogurt package, dairy package

Alloy: 8006/8011/8079


Thickness& Tolerance: 0.03mm-0.05mm(±5%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Lacquer: HSL for PP/PS

Primer: Primer for printing

Standard: GB/T3198 /ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:What is the use of the aluminum tape?
Aluminum tape is suitable for PDA, PDP, LCD displays, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products in which electromagnetic shielding is required. Aluminum tape is mainly used for binding cold (hot) gas pipeline in cold (warm) gas engineering and water heater manufacturing. Aluminum foil tape with all the seams of the aluminum foil composite paste, the seal and insulation nails puncture wounds repair. It is the main and accessory material of refrigerator or freezer and also the necessary material for the sales department of thermal insulated material. Aluminum tape is widely used in refrigerator, air conditioning, automobile, petrochemical, bridge, hotels and so on. Aluminum tape is suitable for all kinds of transformers, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, LED displays, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products in which electromagnetic shielding is required. The imported aluminum tape is used for wrapping steam pipe to prevent heat diffusion.
Q:my pork chops are too dry!!?
DRYNESS when cooking Pork chops is commonThis is due to the tendency of the pork meat (flesh) to PULL TOGETHER (bunch-up) when cooking(I presume you are dry roasting these chops.) What I do when I cook Pork Chops is to add a moisture lock around the meat before cookingEven when I roast Pork chops (in SHAKE-N-BAKE seasonings %as an example) is to simply cover the pre-coated chops in aluminum foilThis (aluminum foil) LOCKS the moisture into the cooking area.
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Copper foil, of course. The conductivity of copper is higher than that of aluminum. Therefore, the ability of copper foil to absorb harmonic is stronger than that of aluminum foil.
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