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Application:PTP foil, cold-forming foil, alu-alu foil





Q:Do I need to buy toys for 2 kittens? or will them playing with each other and also using laser be enough?
Having 2 means that they will not get bored as easily but it is good for them to have some toysBut you do not have to go out and get them toys1get a piece of string and attach some materials or feathers to the end and drag it around the floor and they will run after it and try to catch it2Get some aluminium foil/paper and roll it up into a ballMake sure the balls are quite big though cos you don't want your kittens to swallow them3I have found out the my two kittens love to play with milk caps (plastic ones) and they chase then and run around with them in their mouths so thats another ideahope this helpedThey mainly just LOVE things they can chase.
Q:I purchased a few 30 round hard plastic mags for my ARIt said they were chemical, UV, heat and damage resistant.Not too sure but does anyone have any stories of bad experiences with them? Or are they reliable mags?
Q:Also, state why you classified the substance this way:asaltbmercuryccarbondhydrochloric acidelimeffertilizergcoalhlettuceialuminumjmilkktreelairmneonnironopizzapwaterqwoodrsilverspapertalcoholubronzevglucose
no i don't but i am in the middle of a court case involving aluminum and reading through these answers looks like they will have to up theire offer thanks for that lol.and just out of curiosity what will having protons ,electrons and valence electrons in my body mean will i spontaneously combust or what?.
Q:can you put an aluminum utnsil in ?
The reason they say if you have a temperature stay home is because if you have a temperature, you are contagious for whatever illness you haveYou should diffidently stay home and go see a doctor with symptoms like that.
Q:it's a cake type dessert that i heard about and i want to try it, cuz it sounds challenging and tasty.
Parchment paper would be greatThe dull side of foil, maybeOtherwise, a greased cookie sheet.
Q:I can only think of an oven or ovenette, a gas or electric stove, knives, a chopping board and a potato peelerWhat else is a must? Thanks in advance.
Toaster Oven Microwave Oven Stove Oven Hand Mixer Blender Can Opener Coffee Maker (unless you like a Press) Mortar/Pestle Grill Pan or Griddle Chopping Board Mixing Bowls - Atleast 3 Colander or comparable strainer Foil Pans Spatuals - Atleast 3 Laddle Fork Tongs Straining Laddle Tupperware (food storage) - I prefer Lock n LockPeeler Micro Grater Potato Masher or Ricer (I like the Ricer better) Juice Press (for oranges and other citrus) Measuring Cups and Spoons Salt and Pepper Shaker Butter Bell Pam Spray Manual Can Opener (could to have if you lose power) All of these in Stainless Steel: 8 Fry Pan 10 Fry Pan 1 qt Sauce Pan with Lid 2 qt Sauce Pan with Lid 3 qt Sauce Pan with Lid 3 qt Casserole with Lid 3 qt Saute Pan with Lid 8 qt Stock Pot with Lid (better yet to get one with a steamer insert so you can do veggies) Roasting Pan (for roasts, chicken etc) Lasagna Pan Sheet Pans (for cookies) Pizza Pan Cupcake Pan (for muffins and cupcake) Loaf Pan Cake Pans Wok - can't live without Lots of oven mits Forks, Knives (a good knife set is worth it), Spoons Ice Cream Scoop Pizza Cutter Space (very important) Spices!!! Olive Oil Onions Garlic Bread Crumbs Bread Potatoes Chicken Broth Sugar Flour Eggs Milk Brown Paper Bags Cooking Twine Ziplock Bags Roasting Bags Aluminum Foil Saran Wrap Parchment Paper Basting Brush Corn Cob Holders Paper Towels Hand Towels Apron Cleaning supplies to clean up after yourself Plates, Bowls and Glasses (enough to serve atleast 4 people or 8 for a group) Serving Bowls or Dishes (if you want to use pots etc to serve from, get's some trivets or use oven mits) If you like drinking then consider having appropriate glasses, a bar set, a wine rack, and cork opener- As the guy mentioned above, a lot of what I mentioned can be trimmed down but seeing I love to mess around in the kitchen, this what I deem essentialI am still saving up for a good pan and pot setA good set is really worth the money.
Q:I am looking for the aprox cost new cost of a Wilke model 60 ladder Toombs aluminum tool box package?
Most hardware stores sell insulation for water heaters, you can use thatYou will have to have a heat source to keep the water boilingThe insulation will slow down the loss of heat, not completely eliminate it.
Q:I'd like to know if it's okay to bake them in a glass pan instead of an aluminum foil panWould the glass crack, melt, or get ruined under the heat? (325 degrees faranheit)
Q:I have a silver ring that has some sort of white residue that i cant get off with soap and waterhelp?
Although some silver polishes and cleansers work well, a very fast, inexpensive and efficient way in which to clean silver is: Line a bowl with aluminum foilPlace the ring on the foilBoil some water and add some table salt to itAdd a cup of baking sodaOnce dissolved, pout this into the aluminum lined bowl with your ringThe tarnish caused by the sulfur will transfer to the aluminum and your silver is clean again.
Q:i dont understand :S :(
aluminum loses 3 electrons to form a +3 ion and oxygen gains 2 electrons to form a -2 ionwhen you balance those charges, you need 2 aluminum ions (2 x +3) to balance out the oxygen (3 x -2) to have a neutral compound

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