Colored borosilicate glass tube for Mouth blowing glasswares

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Item specifice

high borosilicate glass
cup, teapot, decanter, medicine etc,
Clear, red, pink, yellow , amber, blue, etc.

1. Description:

Using the latest technology, our coloured borosilicate glass tubing3.3 correspond to the internationally acknowledged borosilicate glass type 3.3(DIN ISO 3585).

All stages of production are strictly controlled and backed up by a complete quality control system according to ISO9002.

Till now we can supply eleven kind of colors: transparent black borosil glass tubing, teal borosilicate glass tubing, dark blue borosilicate glass tubing, dark amber borosilicate glass tubing, pink borosilicate glass tubing, opaque black borosilicate glass tubing, yellow borosilicate glass tubing, red borosilicate glass tubing, green borosilicate glass tubing etc

2. Technical Description

Regular Specification: 25*4mm, 32*3.2mm, 32*4mm, 38*3.2mm, 38*4.0mm, 44*4.0mm, 51*4.0mm, 51*4.8mm etc.

Color high borosilicate glass is a kind of hard glass, Coefficient of thermal expansion is 3.30.1*10-6/K.

It is a kind of special glass material which is low inflation, high temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Because of its molecular structure is more closely, so even very thin is still strong and durable, The glass is colored at temperatures above 1600 degrees, so color is bright such as crystal clear, the color is never changed. In the production process, the technician keeps spinning the embryo and pulling it into a grain written. So observed in the sun, there are some textures, this is the normal glass process phenomenon.

3. Widely usages of borosilicate glass tube

1. Kitchenware

2. Lighting Decorations

3. Chemical equipment

4. Solar Vaccum Tubes

5. Glass Arts & Crafts

6. Glass Smoking Pipes

7. Medical Pacakaging

8. Laboratory Instruments

4. Advantages

1. High quality,competitive price and elegant appearance

2. Accurate dimension according to customs' request

3. Long time to use

Customize specifications according to your demands:

O. D from 4mm~315mm,

W.T from 0.8mm~9mm,

5. Business Terms

Delivery time: Within 20days after received the advance payment.

Payment: 30%-50% TT in advance and balance against copy of BL.

Transport: By ship or express

Colors available: opaque black, opaque white, pink,purple, green,yellow, amber,dark blue, light blue, transparent blac



7. Packing and Shipping: 

All the glass will pack in cartons, and load in container strong firmly, to make sure safety delivery.

8. Test Report

9. Company Brief

10. FAQ:

Q1: Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are manufacturer in Hebei Province near Beijing,and we also have trading office in Beijing.

Q2:  Can support OEM&ODM order?

A: Yes,we have rich experience in OEM&ODM production, can meet your personalized needs.

Q4: Can you do the designs for us?

A: Yes.We have a professional team having much experience in designing and manufacturing.Just let us know your ideas,we will draw the finished files for your confirmation.

Q5: What format of the file do you need if I want my own design?

A: You can provide JPG,Al,or PDF etc,Our professional designer will draw art work for mould or printing screen for you.

Q6:  How can I get some samples?

A: Sure,we usually provide existing samples for free.But a little sample charge for custom designs,Sample charge is refundable when order is up to certain quantity.

Q:Can ordinary white glass (Bai Jiuping) replace quartz glass?
Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, such as: 1, high temperature resistance. The softening point temperature of quartz glass is about 1730 DEG C, which can be used for a long time at 1100 DEG C, and the maximum temperature can reach 1450 DEG C for a short time. 2, corrosion resistance. Except hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass and other acids almost no chemical reaction, the acid resistance is 30 times 150 times of ceramic, stainless steel, especially the chemical stability at high temperatures, any other engineering materials are incomparable. 3. Good thermal stability. The quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is extremely small, can withstand the temperature changes, the quartz glass is heated to 1100 degrees Celsius, the water will not burst into the room. 4, good light transmission performance. The quartz glass has better transmittance in the whole spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared, and the transmittance of visible light is above 93%. Especially in the ultraviolet spectrum region, the maximum transmittance is above 80%. 5 、 good electrical insulation performance. The resistance of quartz glass is equal to ten thousand times of that of ordinary glass. It is an excellent insulating material. It has good electrical properties even at high temperature.
Q:What are the chemicals in glass?
(some of these ingredients are repeated, and the content of the active ingredients should be carefully calculated when firing the glass) In addition, there are some trace elements, such as metal oxides, used for colored glass, shielding electromagnetic, optical glass and so on. Some other types of special glass materials account for a large proportion of raw materials, and may even contain quartz sand.
Q:What is the raw material of glass made of?
Our daily contact with most of the "flat glass is" thick to thin for doors and windows, clocks and the use of medical tests, the manufacturing method is that the furnace in the glass slurry level or traction method (also called float) and vertical traction method. After the dissolution of soluble traction after furnace also has the cooling system, cooling after the completion into a "flat glass, flat glass thickness mainly depends on the speed of traction, traction faster, can be manufactured and thinner. Although the ordinary flat glass from the front appears bright transparent, but from the side near the edge is slightly blue, because the amount of glass color depends on the main raw material in the manufacture of glass - quartz sand and iron content of purity. Generally, the thin glass used in the watch industry is superior in quality but expensive in value. The main difference is that the raw material used in the quartz sand is superior and the iron content is very low (usually under 3/10000)
Q:The difference between natural crystal and crystal glass, merits and demerits!
There are three distinct differences between crystal and glass:1. Sound: tap lightly or hit with your fingers. Crystal glass can produce metal crisp sound, accompanied by beautiful lingering. We will see in the clink reception, banquet scenes in the movie, crystal glasses collided with a clear voice will. And high school, low grade crystal glass sound is also different. Like some low-end crystal glass or ordinary glass voice is relatively boring.2, feel: the same volume of crystal glass and ordinary glass weight is not the same. High crystal glass will make you feel calm, heavy feel. Similarly, the lower the crystal glass, the lighter it will be.3 gloss: turn a high grade crystal glass against the light, and you will find it is like a beautiful handicraft. White, glittering and translucent, and reflects the charming multicolored light, and low-end crystal or ordinary glassware in these areas there will be a big gap. What's more, in some ordinary glass containers, there are a lot of bubbles, and the color will be dirty and dark.
Q:The glass door in the shower room is too heavy. What material can be substituted, which is as transparent as glass but lighter than glass?
Features: weathering and acid and alkali resistant performance is good, not because of years of sun and rain, and yellowing and hydrolysis phenomenon of long life, compared with other materials, life is 3 years good translucent, can reach more than 92%, the light intensity less required, saving electric energy impact force, is sixteen times ordinary glass, particularly suitable for installation in the safety zone, than the ordinary glass half light, convenient maintenance, easy to clean.
Q:Who has information about power plants chimneys, water glass, acid resistant concrete?
The characteristics of water glass concrete acid: water glass acid resistant concrete with water glass as binder, sodium fluorosilicate as hardening agent, adding acid powder and acid aggregate or other additives according to a certain proportion. Features: the acid and good heat resistance, it can resist all kinds of strong oxidizing acid (such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid) and most corrosive gases (oxygen, sulfur dioxide) erosion at high temperature (1000 DEG C) still has good acid resistance, mechanical strength and high. But this material is not resistant to hydrofluoric acid, more than 300 degrees of hot phosphoric acid and higher fatty acids or oleic acid erosion. Is a commonly used anti-corrosion material, it has a wide range of materials, acid resistance good, low cost advantages. Its disadvantages are no alkali resistance, poor impermeability and water resistance, complex construction, long maintenance period.
Q:Is the production of glass materials as thin as possible? Why?
Glass production is very strict to the granularity of various raw materials, and there is a usable range. Generally, refractory materials are finer, such as sand and feldspar. Some of them are coarse, such as dolomite and limestone. However, the most taboo is "superfine powder""!
Q:What raw materials are used for glass fiber reinforced plastics? Where can I buy them?
Promoter: resin special accelerator is also added in proportion, the general resin manufacturers will also support the production. General glass fiber reinforced plastic stores are on sale.
Q:What's the difference between crystal and ordinary glass?
Feel: the same volume of crystal glass and ordinary glass weight is not the same. High crystal glass will make you feel calm, heavy feel. Similarly, the lower the crystal glass, the lighter it will be. Ordinary glass weight is more self-evident.
Q:Which brand of thermos cup is safe, double glass is not really glass, there is no other add, affect health?
Insulation cup is generally made of ceramic or stainless steel containers with vacuum layer made of water, the top cover, seal, vacuum insulation layer can make the liquid inside the slow cooling, in order to achieve the purpose of preservation.

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