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The tragedy of being a woman
Studies have found that brain stress can reduce the body's tolerance to pain, so the severity of dysmenorrhea is proportional to the degree of tension in the brain. Through functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have confirmed that the brain to feel the pain of others in the region and feel their pain in the same area, that is to see other people may lead to dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea.
Safety in electroheat bag
Whether you are on the Internet to buy or buy in real life, the first to pay attention to the quality of electric heater, the popularity of electric heating tube (wire) type electric heating water bag and electrode type electric heater, which is easy to cause safety accidents. So, when we buy electric water must make clear of its style.
Filled with ten minutes of electricity, but also very hot, the drum is great, that is, the lights are not destroyed. The same is true for a charging line. Can not be used? Press the charging interface with the hot water bag tightly and you will hear a lot of noise.
I suggest you buy a new one, the explosion is very scary. If you want to continue to use it only on the heat to pull out the power supply, or it will always be heated up until the last explosion.
Hot water bag filled with electricity after the expansion of a very strong, strong drum, cold and deflated back. I would like to ask how to do? Hot when you can deflate it?
Hello, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, hot water bag inside the water after the irrigation is not recommended.
Who knows when the hot water bag in the evening when the pillow is good or bad?
The winter frostbite deposited with it help treatment, should be deposited after the warm of frostbite at (this is my own personal experience, the effect is very good, especially in hot compress, fast frostbite phenomenon will disappear after frostbite, of course, also do the warm work not all of a sudden, in a cold environment)
When the elderly use hot water bags, water temperature is appropriate
Salt, rice or sand can be heated into the bag, instead of hot water with hot compress. General hot 20-30 minutes each time, 3-4 times a day
Menstrual period can be deposited with hot water bag waist
You can buy a product to try to protect the waist
Hot water bag before going to bed to lose weight?
The act itself cannot.But in some theory, hot water deposited may warm stomach, stomach, Chinese medicine from the health perspective, good gastrointestinal absorption, good absorption of spleen and stomach qi foot foot foot, spleen and stomach, Qi and blood to meet people's energy, strong, energetic body basal metabolic rate is high, from this perspective, the or a little bit of help.But the key is to pay for this behavior. The human body is short of water, the blood viscosity will increase, Qi and blood will be sluggish, Qi and blood is not good for the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach digestion is not good, nutrition can not be absorbed instead of the formation of accumulation (turbidity), the formation of fat. So warm stomach at the same time, to fill a lot of water, and now people can not exceed the intake of sleep.