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The stopper of the hot water bag is broken and the water is still inside. How to unscrew.
With scissors,With scissors
Why I do not buy the electric heater vent?
Must have a vent, but you did not find, some manufacturers of the exhaust hole in the socket design near the plastic lid off, should be able to see, in addition to electric hot water after the exhaust gas
Can the water in hot water bag wash your face?
These substances with the aging of hot water bags and hot water soak, will be precipitated from the rubber, so hot water bag has an unpleasant smell. Due to impurities and toxic substances in the water, the skin has a certain stimulating effect. Therefore, the water in the hot water bag avoid wash your face, in particular, can not give children face, otherwise it will harm children's soft skin.
How bad the use of waste electric hot water bag
To continue to charge, so long service life.
With the kind of hot water bottle, why do I press the iron is not hot ah?
I also used this po. I think this Rebao very troublesome, although soon heat up, but also with water can be reduced, I have no.There is now a hot water bag, when to buy a bag has added some special drugs, just add about 700 ml of water to the inside, into a small rubber plug, ohmic heating, when the temperature to the future will automatically power off. Heating time will not exceed 10 minutes, you can use 2-8 hours. Price of about 20 yuan.
The feet is not hot water bag
Hello 48 hours with cold, hot compress after 48 hours. The beginning of the hot compress will aggravate the edema.
There is less and less water in my hot water bag
Industry in the real world, the inside of the water is heating medium just buy a new interior has put the solvent, you can melt the water after the normal use. When you run out of water, water storage, the next year and then add water is not hot. At this time do not have to worry about buying some hot water bags dedicated to help heat agent, add water into the water after adding hot water bags can continue to use. The utility model has a certain service life and a failure period of about 2 years. There are a lot of hot agent to sell the market, a treasure to find a lot, a few cents 1 only. I wish the water heater is not hot friends to solve the difficulties of changing the water and long-term use is not hot. Do not forget the point of view of a useful friend oh. Thanks
Thigh second times by the hot network lines, but also disappear?
If the red mesh is a capillary, expanding under the action of a hot water bag, there is no way to get rid of it. Try not to heat it up, so it doesn't look too obvious.