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About changing the water after heating of the electric hot water bag
If you use salt is salt, it is impossible to explode. Salt is sodium chloride, neither combustion, and no explosive potential
There is less and less water in my hot water bag
Best not to change, to buy a bar! The water in the hot water bag is not tap water. Plug in hot water bag (also known as warm water treasure, electric heating bag, personal warming, etc.) with its affordable, long-term insulation and best-selling. This kind of hot water bag is sold in two states, one is the manufacturer has been filled into the conductive liquid, buy can be used directly. There is also a way to buy when there is no water, but has been put into a powder (iron or ferrite), you have to fill their own water, the effect is the same. So the liquid in the bag can not be replaced by tap water, otherwise it will not be hot. So the bag is not generally liquid water, which contains a conductive material, hot water bag is electromagnetic heat generated by the solenoid that is closed to prevent leakage, if after the electricity it generates a magnetic field and the magnetic iron is the interaction of the so-called water surface eddy current and hysteresis and it produces heat, and the transformer why fever is relevant because of hysteresis and eddy current heat, the transformer made of a piece of silicon steel sheet is to reduce the hysteresis and eddy current, so as to improve the efficiency, and the hot water bag is opposite, so the electricity heating. If replaced by water, because water is a bad conductor, it will not heat, so the bag of liquid can not be replaced with water. After charging water bags can be used to water, after the water to clean up the air, the rapid expansion of charging, if the quality is not good, prone to short-circuit or even explosion.
I bought a red card in December 2008 Thailand charging hot water bag - found today not charge, go with the boss, the boss said this change I bought it in 2008, after 2008 will not return, but I bought only 3 months ah boss this reasonable.?? If I am not reasonable how to safeguard their own interests? Fruitless negotiations with the boss
Do be careful, this product is best to buy regular business products, quality problems endanger their own safety, please look at the forum here.
Menstrual period with hot water bag abdomen is good
Hello, I do not know your situation is a primary dysmenorrhea, or secondary dysmenorrhea. The former refers to the reproductive organs without organic lesions of dysmenorrhea, the latter for reproductive organs have organic lesions, such as endometriosis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, blood flow and tumor. Suggest that you go to a regular hospital for examination, in addition to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Pay attention to menstrual health, avoid mental stimulation and overwork, pay attention to warm premenstrual and menstrual cycle, you can also apply a hot water bottle during menstruation alvine, foot bath with hot water, we must pay attention to the body warm, Hot Milk every night before going to bed drink a cup with a spoonful of honey, can alleviate or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea.
Now a lot of electrothermal explosion that is, but it is normal charger, charger without bulging bags on the trip, outside there is no what special protection, explosion-proof what said is how to prevent it?
Before charging, keep the socket dry. Prohibited seawater, brackish water, excessive water injected into the bag of electric warm treasure.When charging, the plug is inserted into a water storage type electric heating treasure socket, and then the power supply is switched on. Should not be held in the warm embrace of electricity in the side of the arm heating charge, in case of electric shock.Bags of electric heater when charging, if it is found that the bag body was up to that bag has residual air, should cut off the power supply, then unplug the plug from the bag body, the exhaust outlet of the bag on the bag, air exhaust, the overflow of water until the water inlet.Bao Bao Bao electric needle is strictly prohibited, heavy pressure, otherwise it will cause leakage, leakage!No strong solvent scrub, or dip in the water to scrub the warm treasure.
What is the charge in the hot water bag
The hot water bag is filled with a salt compound.
What about the water in the hot water bag?
Yes, it can be added to the tap water, Never mind, just when charging a little attention, don't be too bloated, especially when he saw gas expansion, the gas can be slightly, there is generally no problem what
Can you use hot water bottle on the day after delivery?
To avoid staying up late, tired, cold and so on, especially must pay attention to the abdomen warm is very important, and pay attention to the genital area clean, everyday use warm water cleaning,