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Hobbing machine hob installation angle is wrong, what will happen?Go to work in the middle of the hob stopped, and then use the manual to hob vertical movement, and then start the workpiece and why card and the card hob is bad? And the consequences?
The helix angle is not rightIn case of a sudden power failure, the insurance operation will withdraw from the workpiece manually and then start to hit the neutral and slow to the stop timeThe gear hobbing machine is a mechanical gear transmission mechanism of a certain gap exists when running to suddenly stop gear internal clearance uneven distribution, and then start the hob cutter tooth workpiece synchronization card bad.
Why is the front rake hob good for chip removal?
The last said will form a positive front angle, a negative front angle, that is, the two side cutting edges. A closer look at the last post, I found no hob for the main cutting edge discussed. The reason is to answer the question of positive and negative angles. The main rake angle is the front edge of the main cutting edge formed by the intersection of hob diameter and chip groove.
When the gear hobbing machine, gear hobbing cutting depth increases, the cutter shaft transmission box a gala Gala of the strange sound, returned from the new start roll disappears, each gear case, open the inspection found no gear hob shaft breakage, pressure bearing clearance, from the new installation and debugging after the situation remains the same, this is what's the matter?
This situation is generally caused by heavy load, please focus on the following conditions:1, the transmission shaft transmission less oil, to be added. 2, hob wear a large amount, or hob grinding is not correct, causing chip power increases, sharpening. 3, eat too much, over load rolling gear machine, adjust the cutting depth to the right. 4, whether the hardness of the workpiece material is too high?.
Grinding wheel for grinding hob
A plain white disc grinding wheel should be fine. Basically, the wheels are standard parts
On the Y3150, ready to use left gear hob hobbing left gear. How to adjust machine tools? Thank you, heroes
The angle of the gear subtracts the angle of the knife, the table reverses, and the knife is still turning
How to adjust the clearance between the upper and lower blades of the slitting machine?
In the complete slitting knife set, it also includes spacer sleeves, gaskets, and so on. The main purpose is to keep the width between the round blades and the horizontal clearance between the upper and lower blades. The thickness of the common gaskets is between 0.8mm-150mm. Its hardness, regardless of thickness, specifications, are above HRC45 degrees, to prevent scratches, bumps, solid and durable
What is the number of hob head?
The number or number of teeth in the same law
M6-12 recommends the use of what their hob grinding, grinding wheel, a grinding method of hob can be good recommendation, currently with 60 of white corundum grinding wheel M12 hob grinding too slowly, a grinding wheel can grind a row of hob a tooth to wear 2-3 hours, but also easy to knife sub fire! Asks God to help solve!!!
You can choose PA or SA grinding wheel, particle size 46-60#, hardness J-K, you can.