Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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1. A wide application as family, villa, and small hotel. It can supply heat energy to cold places and 500m² villa by the way of ground heating, blower, heat sink etc.

2. No matter in Dongbei or Hainan, it can provide 24 tons of hot water  heating from 10℃ to 50℃, which could be used for 100 rooms.

3. One-time feeding could be used for over 8 hours. The installation way is similar to air energy, which is quite convenient.

4. The emission temperature is much lower than that of similar product, high efficiency makes more energy-saving.

5. The test of Environmental Protection Agency shows that the dust emission is 17.5mg/m³ without dust catcher, similar to the emission standard of natural gas. It is more environmental


6. Advanced combustion technology without grate realize the high-efficiency burning without black smoke. More kinds of fuels can be used.

7. One-button control system to start fire and set temperature, operation, hyper-high temperature protection, water-load protection and time automatically.

8. An easy maintenance door is equipped to 2015 version. Any parts can be assembled and get repaired easily.

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Q:what is the function of the PRIMARY in steam boiler?
A steam boiler is defined as a boiler use heat to convert water into steam for a variety of application. In technical terms, A boiler can be defined as a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated under pressure. This fluid is then circulated out of the boiler for use in various processes or power generation. In the case of power generation steam is taken out of the steam boiler at very high pressure and temperature.
Q:what is the difference between boiler plate steel &carbon steel?
First, boiler plate is a type of carbon steel. Second, when someone asks for boiler plate it usually means (in the US) a plate certified by ASME to use in the construction of boilers such as SA516-xx, SA515-xx, SA285-x, etc. These grades of carbon steel must meet specific chemical and mechanical requirements in order to be used in boilers or pressure vessels. The different grades have varying tensile and yield strengths and also grain size. They are designed to be used for a combination of pressure/temperature ratings. For example, it is acceptable to use SA36 in the construction of a boiler/pressure vessel. However, the SA36 will not be capable of the same pressure/temperature ratings that SA285-x could withstand. Nor could the SA285-x withstand as much as the SA516-xx material. As you go up in grade, the cost of the material also rises. Hope this helped.
Q:an option in many water-tube boilers is the usage of re-circulation which cases/for which purpose...?
Natural circulation boilers rely on the density difference of the hot and cold water in the boiler to circulate the boiler water through the tubes. Boilers with recirculating pumps force the water to circulate through the boiler tubes. This creates a more even heating in boiler tubes of different sizes, shapes, and lengths. It allows for faster heating at boiler start-up, larger overall boiler sizes, and more efficient usage of heating surfaces.
Q:how do i adjust pressure on a worcester bosch greenstar 25si combi boiler?
I also have a Worcester Greenstar boiler, the outlet pipe has leaked outside since the boiler was switched on. The engineers tried to seal all the connection pipes on outside, the dripping started again the following day. I rang the company who advised me it was nothing to worry about and they would have a look at the leak when the service was carried out. As for the pressure being topped up, you will have a Instruction manual for your boiler, follow the instructions for RE-PRESSURING using the HOSE that should be connected or hanging somewhere around your boiler. It is simple enough to carry out but if not confident you could ask someone you know, who has a condensing boiler, to top up to max 1.5 bar mark.
Q:Want to know the practice of the boiler room vent wells
4.3.7 The setting of the boiler room entrances and exits must meet the following requirements: 1 The entrance shall not be less than 2.
Q:what is flue gas analysis on a combi boiler?
A gas analyser is fitted to the throat of the boiler where you will see an acess point for it. By analysing the by products of combustion from the boiler, and engineer can tell if any adjusments to the gas jets is requiered and the boiler is running correctly. This is normally checked when the boiler is serviced.
Q:High temperature and high pressure boiler drum material which
Boilers that supply hot water are called hot water boilers, mainly for living, and in industrial applications.
Q:What is power boilers and electric boilers
The electric boiler is a steam boiler, a certain pressure and temperature of the steam used to promote the turbine power generation.
Q:Will a boiler add value?
Yes. Absolutely. Any new heating system will be a positive... and boilers/radiators are efficient, can be attractive, and produce clean, dry heat. Just replacing a furnace with an upgraded model is a good choice. People look to the appliances in a house for sale. The cleaner/better they appear... the better the impact on the entire sales process. It indicates that there has not been deferred maintenance... or, at least, that it has been corrected prior to the sale.
Q:Can any body tell me the advantages of thermic oil boiler over steam boiler?
i think thermic oil boiler is better than steam lives more and has a better qauilty.and properties of oil are better than properties of water.we are studying this subject(boiler and heat exchanger) at school.we started studying this subject this month, so i don't have many information about it.i hope from God helps you at wishes to you.

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