The New Kind of Longxiao Bimass Boiler Introduced in 2015

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1. Based on the original version, HUAYUAN adopts II generation high temperature eddy-current combustion to realize the longer detention time of every burning point. As a result, hyper-         high temperature is created to satisfy biomass pyrolysis and gasification. The combustion will be more complete and clean.

2. Adopting horizontal heat transferring structure, high efficiency heat transferring tubes, all around cyclone technology. The fixed maintenance door is changed to removable door. We use the

work craft of one-time assemble and welding, which makes maintenance easier. The lifetime of boiler will be doubled.

3. Heat-resistant and heat-retaining material used inside help improve boiler's combustion stability. With the watt style dust catcher, there is no white smoke even at the beginning of setting fire, the boiler emission is much lower than that of natural gas, which makes a great proof to environmental protection.

4. Equipped with China's leading IV generation of the colorful liquid crystal touchscreen, dynamic intelligent onebutton control system to set fire automatically. HUAYUAN changes the era of

boiler from tradition to intelligence. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperature, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change

of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Applying anti back fire structure and backflow prevention device, so that biomass fuel can be put into hearth. The design of high temperatured airflow prevented flowing into bunker and

multilevel technology solves the potential safety problem of catching fire easily. At the same time, multilevel feeding technology decreases fuel feeding load, which makes transportation part

more durable and with longer life-time.

6. Our boiler raw material highly exceed the national standard. we use the workcraft like high-pressured welding and zincification-and-galvanize for appearance, which makes our boiler more exquisite and durable.

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Q:Isolating a boiler - Help!?
The only way you can isolate the boiler would be to shut off the supply and return, but there's not typically valves installed in those pipes....and even if there were, it'd be a bit of luck if they sealed well. If your boiler is leaking, you'll usually see that one or more of the burners are badly rusted from water leaking on them. If you take the vent hood off, you can usually see any cracks or rotted parts just by giving it a close inspection. Depending on the boiler, you may have to at least partially remove the jacket as well.. Hope this helps
Q:what is the Boiler Furnace?
With a furnace or warm air system, air is used to conduct heat from the furnace to rooms in the house. Air is warmed as it passes over a heat exchanger, and then blown throughout the house by a motorized blower. Sheet metal ducts channel the heated air to various areas of the house, and the heat enters each room through registers. Boilers, or hydronic heating systems, use heated water to supply heat to the rooms in the house. Boilers send steam through pipes to steam radiators or hot water through baseboard radiators, radiant floor systems, snowmelt systems or pool heaters.
Q:How can I make this new boiler drain for my washer stop dripping, I used plumbing tape already?
There could be a couple of things that may be happening to your boiler drain: 1. There could be cross threading that is happening (so no matter how much Teflon tape that you may will still keep leaking). If this is occurring, change out the boiler drain and add a new one (preferably a NIBCO brand) Check to make sure that the threads are good on the boiler itself....if not re tap the inner threads to accept the new boiler drain snuggly. 2. The boiler drain could be damaged and need to be replaced. (Simple Fix) remember that brass is soft and it may get damaged if over tightened in anyway. If you are still having issues you could come out of the boiler with a brass nipple and then attach the boiler drain.
Q:my boiler is leacking water?
There is a product for this purpose. I have used it and it works wonders. It contains silicone, but I cant recall the name of it... It is sold at plumber supply houses. My boiler was about 25 years old at the time, and it started out in a slow dripping. Left with little choice, I put it into the system near the return, turned the heat up to 75, so the system would run for a good long while and it worked. I was pleased. Two years later it again leaked, only this time it was a steady stream, and being in the middle of winter had little choice but to return to the store. I was doubtful it would work a second time. Again, I poured the bottle in, and like magic the leak stopped. The following year I replaced the boiler, as I did not want to press my luck....(I alrready had..) It comes in a quart plastic container, and is called something like Boiler Leak or Stop :Leak and is brown (like stain) in color. It still amazes me that it worked two times for me. It is about $15 bucks. Such a deal. I just re-read your question, and noticed it said steam.... My system is hot water, and runs on less heat and may wish to check out the label, and ask the service desk if this will work on a steam system...sorry.
Q:how do you size an expansion tank on a boiler?
The boiler manufacturers instructions should tell you the capacity of the expansion vessel fitted to the boiler and then you would need to know how much water there is actually in your system to compare the two. Are you sure its not the vessel thats faulty/needs repressurising.
Q:Boiler pressure has dropped to zero - Any way of fixing this?
You can easily repressurise the boiler yourself. Most boilers have a filling loop which is a short flexible braided hose that you connect to two threaded taps near the boiler. You open both taps (small levers) slowly and watch the gauge. Stop when it shows 1 bar. A little more will do no harm. The boiler must be cold to get the correct reading.The boiler has a safety valve, so you can't really overdo it. Some boilers have a valve underneath with a tap and no hose. You just turn the tap on these and watch the gauge.
Q:what is the purpose of a forced draft fan in a boiler?
This Site Might Help You. RE: what is the purpose of a forced draft fan in a boiler? If it has any other usage other than supplying air to the combustion chamber? Will it play any role in allowing a quantity of air to the stack for clearing the exhaust?
Q:Boiler Furnace?
Your understanding of this system of heat is correct. This type of system is the more modern adaptation of the old style cast iron heat radiators you sometimes see in old structures. Water is heated in a central boiler and is circulated throughout your baseboard 'radiators', providing warmth to the rooms. In a zoned system, there are 'faucets' which control the hot water flows to various sections of the house and its radiators, based upon heat demand sensed by the various thermostats in the house. The major problems with this source of heat can be in a failed 'zone faucet', or the boiler finally giving out. Neither are known to be regular occurrences, but CAN occur over time.
Q:I want to learn about steam turbines and boiler design. also I want to learn how to fabricate them.?
Sorry, not except you're a enormously badly deluded humanist. wherein case each and every physique may be the final human beings they are meant to be via understanding their inner ability and embracing the international as an impartial, rationally infallible paintings of a few existence-Spirit's inspiring artistry. Yeah. Sorry, I have been given a splash over excited there. that is okay to be traveling with any luck see you later as you get someplace.
Q:What is a safe PSI for a residential cast Irom Boiler?
12-15 PSI when cold on a hydronic boiler.It shouldn't go over 25 PSI. when heated,relief valve opens at 30PSI.---3-5 PSI. on steam boiler,relief valve opens at 15PSI.

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