boiling water pump L3D-90-80-H

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Product Description:

Product description:

Product: Boiling water pump



big flow rate as 90m3/h

for hot water over 400 degree

for boiling water which needs 8 bar

Product specification:

flow rate:90m3/ hour, 2160m3/day.

Pressure: 1bar - 8 bar

pump diameter: 610mm

Pump installed on the ground, outlet size:6"

with AC motor, motor power:22kW, 380V , 3 phase

but only need motor power:22kW(while Grundfos pump needs at least 45kW  power, our pump can save more than 50%  power,save USD20532 per year for electricity fee.


Pump inside: stainless steel and wearable nylon,it enables our solar pump to have 10 years sevice life and undertake 400 degree high temperature.

Motor : AC motor, 380V , three phase , 50Hz. The pump also can connect with solar power.


3 International patent



Warranty:2 years

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Q:Does A. Smith also produce boilers?
Smith, of course, the production of boilers, more varieties, power from 100KW to 657KW optional, and has a small footprint, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, and many other advantages.
Q:Can I vent both a N.Gas boiler and water heater into the same pipe?
A natural Gas Boiler has to have its own exhaust pipe seperate. If you join another appliance into the same flue, it can impede the exhaust gasses from the boiler escaping efficiently. When this happens the boiler will shut down automatically.
Q:How much should it cost to upgrade fireplace with back boiler?
taking the old back boiler out can be a dirty, dusty job, it not only involves a plumber but also a builder. I cant help you with the costs you will have to get a couple of estimates. The boiler in the bathroom is a different matter. This is not allowed under the gas regulations unless it is a room sealed unit (balanced flue). The moisture laden air in a bathroom can interfere with the burning gas in an open flued boiler and produce carbon monoxide. I suspect you have an open flued boiler. However a new room sealed boiler could possibly be installed there, it would depend upon the manufacturers instructions, for example how far would the flue be from an openable window, plus other conditions. a CORGI installer would have to check it out. Most modern condensing combi boilers are room sealed, and they vary greatly in price. Get a few estimates, and don't take the first guy that comes along
Q:Do all double boilers have holes in the top pot?
:) Depends on the type of double boiler. The vegi ones have holes to allow the steam to cook. The sauce ones do not have holes hard to make a Bearnaise sauce or melt chocolate in a top pot with holes.
Q:How to improve efficiency of Boiler?
Do the service of the boiler regularly, regular testing of firing , use of good quality fuel and of course best operational techniques will improve the efficiency
Q:How do use the timer on my boiler setback control?
I'm a homeowner in central NY State who is considering having an outdoor temperature setback control installed to reduce boiler water temperature during warm weather in order to save fuel oil. I have a oil fired 105MBTU hot water boiler with three baseboard heat zones and one indirect hot water heater zone. Boiler water is set at 180 degrees and the indirect hot water heater is set at 130 degrees. The three heating zone thermostats and hot water control are connected to four relays that turn the four circulators on and off as needed. There is no circulator that runs all the time. The boiler turns on and off as needed to maintain 180 degree water. This is not a condensing type boiler. The system works very well, but I believe I could save some money, by maintaining a lower boiler water temperature in the summer. I believe the boiler water temperature would have to be maintained at 140 degrees or above in order to heat the domestic hot water and avoid condensation of flue gas in the boiler and masonary (clay liner) chimney. what do you think? Is this worth exploring? Thanks for your help.
Q:how can a hot-water boiler heat water to 250 degrees F. and not boil the water ?
The boiler maintains a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling pint of water.
Q:boiler plumbing question?
Its an expansion tank for the boiler system. It is a necessary component to your system. When the boiler water gets hot it expands. It goes into the expansion tank. If there was no expansion tank the boiler pressure would rise and exceed the set pressure of the pressure relief valve.
Q:Hot water boiler sizing?
There are free heating calculators online that are not that hard to use and pretty easy to find if you look. In the heating industry we always in the past sized on the side of caution thinking that more is better and this really is not the case, there are several problems that occur when you oversize a boiler. In the last 3 years i have put caution to the wind and installed what the program has told me to install and I was surprised by the results. The smaller boiler worked and worked well. I just sized a house in Utica NY about 1400 sq feet with new windows and up to code on the insulation and the heat-load calculator came up with 40,000 BTU'S.They don't make a boiler that small so we went with a 60,000. There is a big saving in everything when you properly size a boiler including materials. Who told you you need 150 feet of baseboard I can heat a mini mansion with all that baseboard.You should reconsider your plan. And please if you are going to install all that baseboard do not do it in one loop, break it up into at a minimum of three zones. You know if you called the boiler rep I bet he would calculate the house for you for free. good luck Greg Murphy
Q:How are scales formed in boilers?
The limescale that forms in boilers (and electric kettles) is formed by the thermal decomposition of the calcium (and magnesium) hydrogencarbonates present in temporarily hard water. e.g. Ca(HCO3)2(aq) --- CaCO(s) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) The solid calcium (or magnesium) carbonate (the limescale) builds up on the hot surfaces.

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