China's First High-quality Hot-blast Stove

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China's first high-quality split hot-blast industrial stove. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116~1395KW

Technical description:

1. It can be used in ultra-high temperature places as industrial drying and painting.

2.  Different from all-in-one stoves with both combustion and heat transferring system which result in short lifetime of stoves, high energy consumption, and high maintenance cost.

HUAYUAN HUINENG introduced the first split biomass stove in China based on technical advantages.

3. Using patent combustion technology and configuration of different burning parts to solve the combustion problem of straw and ordinary coked biomass fuel.

4. The heat exchanger components in the stove body are using efficient, energy-saving heat-resistant pipes.

5. The best configuration of our boilers can realize that gas emission temperature is close to that of air.

6. The lifetime of our stove doubles that of others, long lifetime and easy maintenance will greatly reduce the customer's cost.

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Q:commercial boiler repairs London?
Hi, i know the question is old but still unanswered so hopefully the answer i came by will help some other folks with the same kind of problem - i do know in fact on a specialist that does this sort of repairs, im gonna put the link below - reccommended.
Q:my boiler froze?
turn the burner on,
Q:What is the use of oxygen-rich combustion technology;
Oxygen content in air ≤ 21%.
Q:The end of the boiler uses heat pipe waste heat recovery technology what is
Superconducting heat pipe is the main heat transfer element of heat pipe waste heat recovery device, which is different from ordinary heat exchanger.
Q:explain about differential pressure transmitter and how it can be used in measuring drum level in boiler?
I have a found a great site which discusses level measurement and thus level transmitter. I hope my contribution helps...
Q:Looking for btu's of boiler.?
u either have to clock the gas meter or measure the main burner orifice's along with the gas pressure,,this is something that a tech would normally do,,if u are looking to replace the boiler u would have to do a heat loss on the house and that would tell u what size boiler u would need
Q:How can I identify the 'manual' mixing valve on my boiler?
ask the old owner about it
Q:I turn on my eco boiler for 1 hour a day, would it be cheaper to leave it on 24/7?
Your boiler will burn more energy running on demand from cold starts, than it will maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the day. Some types sold in the US have a vacation setting that will prevent it from cycling while away, but this option should really only be used if you will be gone for a long time. I'll assume the 27 dg room temperature is Celcius and not Fahrenheit, which doesn't matter too much however your boiler will operate more efficiently if it has an insulating jacket for cold days. If you insulate it the boiler won't have to cycle as often. Not sure about eco-boiler if it's the type that employs a tank or has a coiled heat exchanger, and if so may not require an insulating jacket. These types of boilers are already engineered to be efficient appliances so you'll do yourself a favor by letting it work on it's own and not turning it off while you're away.
Q:Should a boiler be dark and matt or light and shiny?
Should be light shiny. A blackbody emits the most energy ata given temperature. Painting it black does not make it a perfect black body but it's better than white. cf. Stephan-Boltzmann law. The formula includes a coefficient expressing the degree to which a body is black. BTW 'black' in this case refers not only to visible light.
Q:How do i turn on my electric water heater/ boiler?
1. Your water heater should have a little book hanging off of one side or in a pouch attached to the cylinder. These are the instructions. Read them. 2. If this is a gas boiler with a Piezo electric starter then you will have to turn the control knob off for 5 minutes, turn it to pilot and then push a button. There is a little window beneath a cover that has a bump in it for a tube. I find them worthless and just press the button several times while holding down the pilot button for about a minute. After you let up the pilot dial you can turn it to on and set the thermostat to low or medium.

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