HUAYUAN High-end Hot-blast Stove

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Product Description:

Specification: 116~1046 KW

Technical features:

1. Adopting invention patent, combustion technology without grate. The temperature of combustion part satisfies biomass combustion temperature requirement. Compared to the tranditional combustion way, pyrolysis gasification has been improved about 18%. Burning any kinds of briquette will not cause black smoke.

2. We use stainless steel  superconducting heat transferring tube with high heat efficiency. What's more, it solves the problem that hot air will cause pollution after long-time use.

3. Equipped with micro pressure protection device. When the boiler's electrical control fails, boiler is over pressured, water will be drained out to reduce pressure, which makes boiler safer.

4. The boiler could be controlled and operated automatically, which will reduce labour cost greatly.

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Q:Thiking of getting a combi boiler,however I am told that this type of boiler is a one tap boileris this true
Yes you are right. A combi is a one tap boiler, but you can put as many taps as you like on the circuit, but you will only get a full flow from one at a time. If somebody runs the bath, you have to wait before you fill the sink. But they are only suitable for small places and this is not really a problem, you just have to learn to live with it. The only real problem with them is if you are running a shower and somebody else turns a tap on downstairs, the shower stops running just as you are going to wash the soap from your eyes. No fun that. But all systems have this same problem to a greater or lesser degree. So go ahead and get a combi, as long as you understand they have limitations , they are very good.
Q:unvented system with condensing oil boiler and megaflow system. Pressure loss with or without heating on?
if your sure theres no leaks, look at the pressure release valve, they often give up, the fact your losing pressure so fast is my concern, have you tried adding some leak seal to the system ? i would add 2, because your losing pressure so quick. sorry cant be of more help but easier when the systems in front of you !!!
Q:what is the device called that shuts down a boiler if the water temperature gets too high?
It's called a temperature high-limit controller (with manual reset), sometimes called high-limit aquastat.
Q:What is the energy saving of the boiler?
, Sprayed into the combustion chamber under the conditions of low oxygen to be fully burned, so the combustion equipment, the amount of air can be reduced by 15% to 20%, to avoid the heat in the flue, the flue temperature dropped 5 ℃ to 10 ℃.
Q:steam boiler flash vessel and thermal deaerator?
Most steam systems pump the condensate to the deaerator where any non condensables such as air are removed. The condensate is then pumped by the boiler feed pumps to the boiler either through an economizer depending on the system design. The amount of boiler feedwater that is pumped to the boiler will depend on the water level in the boiler. As the steam demand varies more or less water will be added to maintain the correct level. The fire from the burner(s) will also vary to maintain the pressure in the boiler. It is the burner flame that produces the heat that vaporizes the water into steam. Most boilers have a steam drum at the top of the boiler that all of the tubes connect to. It here that the water level is maintained. In the case of fire tube boilers the level is a bit different but still controlled in a similar matter. See the two links below for infor on water tube and fire tube boilers. On very large industrial and power boilers the control of the boiler feedwater and the boiler level is maintained by an elaborate system of level sensors and flow sensors so that the boiler level can be maintained more accurately than with just a simple level control. The flow sensors can detect a change if steam load and begin to adjust the water level before there is an actual change in the level.
Q:how to melt white chocolate chips without double boiler?
There's also the version my grandma used. Take a heating pad, put your conductive heat-proof (metal or pyrex are best) container on top, add chocolate (and butter if you like) and stir. If you use a double boiler or the bowl-on-pan method you run the risk of water getting into the chocolate, and a single drop will make the chocolate seize. And that's just yucky.
Q:Boiler dust removal method
3, electrical dust, is electrostatic precipitator, this method dust removal effect is very good, resistance is also small, low dust consumption.
Q:The role of superheater and reheater in the boiler?
After heating the reheat steam (then heat again) and then into the steam turbine, low pressure cylinder to continue work, and finally into the condenser condensate into water.
Q:Why is the boiler coming on every minute for 30 seconds?
need more info on what boiler it is .but the best i can say is flow switch is stuck and boiler starts as there is no water flow it overheats cuts out then cools repeats the same process
Q:how much will it cost to replace my oil fired boiler?
A supply 70,000 btu substitute costing £1700 ?? Is it there new gold plated style , pay no better than £one thousand for the Boiler and and £3 hundred labour ,even at that i could say its on the better end of the size

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