The Integrated Hot Blast Stove

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Product Description:


The integrated hot-blast stove    Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116KW,   232KW,  349KW,  465KW,  581KW,  698KW,   1046KW

                         (please refer to service consultant for specific parameter)

Technical description:

1、could be used for such process requirement as paint, drying and heating.

2、hot blast temperature could be 280℃.

3、the material is heat-resistant because of long-time high temperature dry combustion.

4、the design construction of boiler should be exquisite, or the life-time will be greatly improved.

5、reduce the demand for pure wood fuel, which will reduce fuel cost correspondently.  

6、design with our invention patent, which could burn all kinds of pellet fuel.

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Q:Recently Installed Boiler Does Not Work, Installer does not answer phone calls. What should I do?
Hire someone else to make repairs to the boiler and any changes that are required to keep it running correctly, then ask the original installer to reimburse you for those expenses. If he doesn't, then take him to small claims should easily win that judgment..but you may ultimately need a lawyer to get your money back. Sorry for your bad luck.
Q:What is a condensing boiler?
Conventional boilers emit hot exhaust gases from the flue when they are operating. A condensing boiler transfers much of this wasted heat to the water in the boiler, before it reaches the flue outlet. An excellent idea, which saves on fuel use and therefore operating costs. During normal operation, condensing boilers lower the temperature of their exhaust gases below 100 degrees, at which point plumes of water vapour can be seen coming from the flue outside. For this reason condensing boiler flues should be sited sensitively. Whilst there are gas consumption savings to be made from a condensing boiler, their actual efficiency is dependent upon the system design of the heating circuit. A condensing boiler is more complex to manufacture and this is reflected in the higher purchase price. Some pundits reckon that the payback period for a condensing boiler can be 3 years.
Q:my boiler will only provide hot water when the central heatin is on wtf?
If you've got a 'combi' boiler it usually means the diverter switch has packed up and you'll need to call someone out. If you've got a conventional system ie. a hot cylinder to store hot water there's a good chance the motorised valve has stuck in the mid position. you will usually find the motor valve in the airing cupboard it is a brass 'T' shaped valve with either plastic or silver metal box on top and you should be able to manually over-ride it by moving the slider on the side to select hot Water only. Hope this helps. Leon.
Q:what is the engineering difference between locomotive boiler and normal industrial boiler ?
A locomotive boiler is a fire tube boiler where the fire is in the tubes and the water is in the outside of the tubes. A normal boiler has the water in the tubes and the fire on the outside. The fire tube boiler is better for moving vehicles and boats because the water level is not as critical.
Q:What is the difference between the positive balance efficiency and the counterbalance efficiency of the boiler? What are the parts of the coal-fired boiler heat loss calculated by the low calorific value?
The effective use of heat in the boiler for the percentage of the calorific value of the boiler per unit of time, or the percentage of the effective heat in the input calorie per kilogram of fuel (solid and liquid fuel) or per standard cubic meter (gaseous fuel)
Q:What's wrong with my boiler?
your limit switches need adjusting if you do not know what limit switches are do not touch your boiler , a wrong adjustment could turn your boiler into a bomb blow your house up call, a plumber
Q:Why is my Navien high efficiency boiler make loud noises?
Because its a Boiler, , Get it BOILER ? any time you boil water it makes a noise,
Q:What household appliance is referred to as a boiler in Great Britain?
Your term would be a furnace, which is probably the closest equivalent to our term of boiler. The furnaces that you refer too, which is I think a condensing furnace, it used here, its just not our most popular type of furnace or boiler. With that type you would have a separate water tank and heating system, and I assume because this takes up more room, a lot of our houses have an all in one system. Additionally we have our hot water systems Incorporated into the boiler system because it means it will heat up quicker so hot water is there as you want it, you don't have to wait for the tank to heat. So in terms of families all wanting a bath or shower after one another, you can do that. You don't need to wait for the hot water tank to re-heat. Additionally they re a little quieter than the separate system, but that could just be because they re newer, so again, because our houses are smaller, we would hear the noise more. I think radiators are radiators in both countries right. But in america you guys tend to have ducts in your homes? Rather than rads? I think its all to do with the age of the houses too, alot of our house were built without central heating, which was added after, where as some at least, of your homes were built with the central heating incorporated into the structure. In Britain, if you said a furnace, we would think of something a lot bigger, industrial plants have furnaces, homes have boilers!
Boilers need to have relief valves. You can probably look up how to test the relief valve to ensure that it won't explode It sounds like the tank could have been damaged by something... You need to look it over carefully. Might be that the pipes weren't properly secured and supported allowing for things to move them around putting stress on the joint at the tank. Could be a broken pipe, a cracked tank, a damaged connector... you just need to look at it. If it's a cracked tank, you need a new one. If it's damaged pipes you can repair them. Be sure to try and determine what caused the damage to try and prevent it from happening again. Don't use water pipes for clothes hangers. Shield the tank fully from things like flying rocks or tree branches...
Q:How is water added to a boiler?
Multi stage feedwater pumps are used to pressurize the water to a higher pressure than the boiler drum pressure, so the flow can be regulated by a feedwater control valve. These pumps sometimes have 2 parallel water paths along a single shaft, with an inlet stage at each end of the shaft and both high pressure outlets near the center of the shaft, so the shaft seals at the ends of the shaft do not have to deal with the high outlet pressure. This also balances the the axial forces of the water pressure on the two ends of the shaft. It can take hundreds of horse power to drive a large feedwater pump. -- Regards, John Popelish

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