HUAYUAN Modular Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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Product Description:


China's first modular biomass boiler       Brand: HUAYUAN  

Longxiao Series biomass specification: 698KW    930KW   1046KW. Other larger specification could be modular assembled.

                                                                        (please refer to service consultant for specific parameters).

Technical Description:

1、Assemble several modules together according to users' requirements.

2、The outlook is similar to the integrated machine.

3、Operate different modules by central control system.

4、Transform industry from traditional energy-saving to intelligent energy-saving in the operation.

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Q:My boiler pilot will not say on.?
USA And the answer is - thermo couple!
Q:what is in a boiler room?
a big room you keep boiler in
Q:I have a generator rated 3000w/3500w surge was told that it would run my gas boiler OR TV fridge but not all. Is that right?
When you say 'rated at', do you mean the maximum output they quoted in the advertising or the real, sustainable output which will be less than that? Either way, it should easily provide enough power for a fridge, TV, lighting and gas boiler system at the same time. They are all low power devices. If it can't, then something is not right. If you start trying to use hair driers or electric heaters, it would get closer to its maximum output but, according to the rating, you have up to about 3 kW to play with. It should not care HOW you use it. The more current you draw, the harder the generator has to work so the more fuel it uses so you may need to fill its fuel tank more often if you use a lot of things at once.
Q:Can any body tell me the advantages of thermic oil boiler over steam boiler?
I think the major advantage of thermic boiler is that it is more corrosion resistance than steam boiler.this will reduce working capital cost of such boilers from view of chemical engineering
Q:Next steps to troubleshoot hot water boiler?
sounds like your pump went bad that the only part that pumps hot water check it..,.....
Q:What's the deal between Combi v Condenser Boilers?
The alternative type of boiler to a combi is a system boiler. Both combi and system boilers are condensing these days. System boilers store HW in a traditional cylinder. Combi boilers heat HW on demand. System boilers tend to be a little more reliable as they turn off/on less frequently. You do need to keep a HW cylinder though, so if space is at a premium most people go for a combi.
Q:thermostat and boiler not connecting?
With what you've described, there can be a ton of reasons why it's not working. Could be weak batteries (if so equipped). Could be a defective transmitter, or the boiler could be experiencing OTHER problems. Could be a bad control board, could be failed ignition, could be a sticking gas valve (assuming it's gas, if oil, could be a clogged filter or line). You say everything appears to be working but the boiler is not coming on. How do you know the boiler is working if nothing is coming on? Are you SURE the boiler is working properly? My advice is to have a professional look at it and diagnose the problems. But only after IF your controller is battery powered you try replacing the batteries with fresh ones. My garage door opener remote works from all the way out at the street. But when the battery gets weak the door doesn't open unless I'm a few feet away. All goes to power and transmission. So you might just need new batteries in the thermostat. But you don't say if it's battery powered, so I can only guess. Hope this helps. 'av'a g'day mate. )
Q:which is easier for candy melts? dbl boiler method or microwave method?
For a quick method it's the microwave, but for more control it's the double-boiler. And, yes, the double-boiler method is a real help in keeping the candy melted longer. Consistency? The candy melts just have to be warm enough to work with, so you may have to adjust it as you work. You must refrigerate, or at least let set, between color changes, or the colors will run together. Here are some tips instructions on painting. Painting Details: Adding color details to candies makes them more realistic much more fun! For large areas of color, it's best to paint the melted candy right in the mold before the whole candy is molded using a decorator brush. Or, for very small details like vines, mouths messages, melted candy should be piped onto molded candies using a parchment bag with a small hole cut in the tip. 1. Melt desired Candy Melts colors in the microwave, in a double boiler, or by using a Candy Melting Plate. With decorator brush, paint areas of candy molds with melted candy. 2. Refrigerate mold a few seconds until candy is firm, repeating for each additional color. 3. Fill mold to top with melted candy, tap, refrigerate until firm unmold. For best results, always fill in one section of the mold at a time let set before adding additional colors. Piping Details: Piping is the way you can add designs or details by controlled squeezing of melted candy, icing, etc., from a decorating bag. Just squeeze from the bag onto your molded candy. It's easy to add hair, facial features, clothes or other designs to candy. When using parchment bags: Follow Parchment Triangles package instructions to prepare one bag for each color. Melt the candy separately before placing in parchment bags, then spoon it into bags. Using scissors, cut a small opening in tip and squeeze candy on molded candy. You can also reheat candy if it hardens in the bag by placing the bag back in the microwave or on a warming tray.
Q:Which is better: a boiler or a furnace?
Personal preference - I like hot water heat with radiators or under floor heating best. Boilers generally provide a more even heat across the room, if you put it in the floor, the floors are always warm. Downsides to boilers is that you need separate ducting for the air conditioning and boilers take a longer time to initially heat the house, so you can't turn it down for the day and expect it to warm up quickly when you come home at night. Boilers are quiet too when installed properly.
Q:Explain the effect of magnetic scale to the boiler tube?
I think you are talking about the formation of magnetite (Fe3O4). A layer of magnetite is considered to be a protective layer on the tube formed by the corrosion of a small layer of the base metal (tube wall). The layer of magnetite is desirable and is actually a controlled corrosion which degrades the tube at a slow and uniform rate. Boilers are designed for a corrosion allowance and the loss of tube wall thickness due to the magnetite layer is expected. Water chemistry is maintained to protect the magnetite layer to prevent other forms of attack and corrosion. Other forms of scale due to salts form buildup on the tube wall. Any scale buildup causes the temperature difference across the tube wall to increase. If an entire boiler system was scaled up, to maintain the same thermal output, the temperature on the fire side of the tube would have to be increased to maintain the same temp. on the water side of the tube. Eventually, tubes will fail due to the extreme temps.

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