Wheat Filled Hot Water Bottle

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Can you express electric hot water injection
Yes! I bought it from Taobao is filled with water! Plug directly into the charge can be properly used
Is there any radiation in the charging hot water bag?
The heating principle of electrothermal is in the middle of the conventional hot water bag has built-in electric heating device, the power to set the temperature after the temperature rise.
The hot water bag put a large amount of red on the leg after a while
Your skin is tender, you can press your finger on the other parts of the thigh, a long time, it will be
The direction of the hot water bag is twisted, which side of the hot water bag is screwed
It's all right, right, if you don't open it, you soak it in hot water, then use a towel to twist it.
How to do not open the hot water bag
Hot water bag with hot water can be estimated for the other 1 you unscrew the bottle cap along the periphery to the hard ground or chopping, knock knock, knock a ring to estimate the leakage of gas can turned 2 with boiling water poured on the bottle around, while hot open lid is good.
Hot water bag in the heating, my iphone6 accidentally placed under the hot water bag, the results showed that the temperature is too high, please cool and then use
Nothing, I have been in the sun sun sun, the temperature is too high to be able to use, such as the temperature drop down, this is a self-protection iPhone help please take
What is the liquid inside the charging hot water bag
If the electricity will cause magnetic field and magnetic iron is reacted with each other, the so-called water inside the eddy current and hysteresis and then produce heat energy, and transformer why fever is relevant because of hysteresis and eddy current heat, the transformer made of a piece of silicon steel sheet is reduced to hysteresis and eddy current, so as to improve the efficiency, and the hot water bag is the opposite,
With hot water bags for a long time can be poured out of the water and then loaded with water?
May not。 The electric hot water is also added medicine. Pour and then add small, heat efficiency is reduced and even electricity will not heat.