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Can you drink water in hot water bag
The hot water bag is not generally liquid water, which contains a conductive material, hot water bag is electromagnetic heat generated by the solenoid that is closed to prevent leakage, if the electricity will cause magnetic field and magnetic iron is the interaction of the so-called water surface eddy current and hysteresis and it produces heat, and the transformer why fever is relevant because of hysteresis and eddy current heat, the transformer made of a piece of silicon steel sheet is to reduce the hysteresis and eddy current, so as to improve the efficiency, and the hot water bag is opposite, so the electricity heating.
Why should the hot water bag into outstanding twill
Mainly in order to avoid a large area of contact with the skin caused by burns, but also a certain anti slip effect.
Can pregnant women use hot water bags? Hot water bag can cause abortion
Water storage type electric heating water bag: by filling liquid, which has a heater plug heating liquid in the bag, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. (Many users are in a pregnant woman holding a hot water bag abortion incident, netizens said is a hot water bag inside the bar is hot in the use of electricity in a very short period of time, it will produce a large electric radiation, can cause harm to pregnant women.
Is the water in the Pvc hot water bag toxicJust pour the water from the hot water bag into the kettle to heat it. PVC hot water bag for a long time. After the fear of toxic residues on the kettle to boil water two times on the drain, the three cold water cleaning. Would like to ask if this can be toxic substances inside wash off? A little scared.
General PVC thermal deformation temperature 80 degrees, if more than 110 degrees, will become very unstable, decomposition speed up to 150-160 degrees will melt. But why is there a PVC hot water bag? Because the PVC hot water bag relative to the rubber hot water bag, taste is not so big, and the appearance of a better light than rubber, feel is also relatively good. So compared with rubber hot water bags have their own advantages. Boiling water temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius, after the impact of the material produced by the PVC is not, and generally use as far as possible not to use boiling water because it is too hot and easy to burn the skin. Now qualified PVC hot water, are added into the compound heat stabilizer and other additives, with the appropriate process, the thermal stability of the products will be greatly improved.
Hot water bag for water charge why not hot
1, one is the manufacturer has been filled into the conductive liquid, buy can be used directly.There is also a way to buy when there is no water, but has been put into a powder (iron or ferrite), you have to fill their own water, the effect is the same. So the liquid in the bag can not be replaced by tap water, otherwise it will not be hot2, you have to let the air inside the barrel remember to use pure water, otherwise the water quality is too hard, the electrothermal uneven heating and explosion.3, can change the water can use pure water, water injection need a success, because it contains a heating powder, poured into the water poured out will lead to heat! Can not change the water in water type electric heating water bag can. If you still do not use water leakage.4, put some salt into it.
Hanging water with hot water bag can warm you
With hot water bag cover tube, or else into the blood is to heat up,
The hot water bag put a large amount of red on the leg after a while
High temperature hotMay be allergic to hot water bags
Can you express electric hot water injection
Yes! I bought it from Taobao is filled with water! Plug directly into the charge can be properly used