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How much of the hot water bottle with hot water the most appropriate?
The water temperature should not be filled with hot water bag is too high, generally 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, otherwise you will feel the smell, but also can prevent the premature aging of rubber.
The tragedy of being a woman
Use natural foods to supplement estrogen. Women's tolerance to pain is closely related to the amount of estrogen in the body, which can increase the tolerance of women to the pain.
Thigh second times by the hot network lines, but also disappear?
If the red mesh is a capillary, expanding under the action of a hot water bag, there is no way to get rid of it. Try not to heat it up, so it doesn't look too obvious.
Can pregnant women use hot water bags? Hot water bag can cause abortion
Water storage type electric heating water bag: by filling liquid, which has a heater plug heating liquid in the bag, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. (Many users are in a pregnant woman holding a hot water bag abortion incident, netizens said is a hot water bag inside the bar is hot in the use of electricity in a very short period of time, it will produce a large electric radiation, can cause harm to pregnant women.
Now a lot of electrothermal explosion that is, but it is normal charger, charger without bulging bags on the trip, outside there is no what special protection, explosion-proof what said is how to prevent it?
Need to limit the temperature, because the internal heating has been caused by the temperature is too high, boiling water to produce steam, do not go out so there will be an explosion.There is time control, time control to be accurate, too long is not good.When you buy, do not buy cheap, it is easy to burst, before I bought a cheap, burst a few, some of the time to buy a protective bag for you, you can put the protective bag in the hot water bag heating up. Hope adoption.Wish you happy!
What are the benefits of using hot water bags at night
Winter is the time for hot water bag but only hot water bag display skills to the full, is only used for heating it, a little put fine timber to petty use. In fact, there are many unexpected health care purposes.
In the hot water bag charging heating do not know suddenly touched the electric jump, and then come to charge when the bad, not just where the bad!
Electric hot water bag no maintenance value, just plug it outside, not bad; bad is only the original heat damage, the heating elements inside the hot water bag, so maintenance more trouble, and maintenance need to destroy the sealing performance, which in the future in the use process, is a very dangerous, strongly recommended buy new.
What is inside the liquid electric heater electric heater? That own water?
We recommend that you do not choose their hot water bag with water, because the water too much or not completely exhaust may cause explosion accidents! It is for the elderly and children to use, or safety! Dangerous often occur in a casual moment! There is the use of electrode type,