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What is the difference between the quality of the new generation of red tube and the original?
Plus color mother
Wooden doors how much temperature will be deformed
Now there are two kinds of wood-plastic doors are made of wood and plastic is just the surface of the door is a layer of wood-plastic board, no matter what kind of normal use of the general will not be deformed north of the North There is a warm house, you will not you say this situation. Which type of door after the press, there will be more or less deformation, but the naked eye can not see, do not affect the use. If you bake on the fire, The door will be a deformation.It is recommended to buy doors, especially wood-plastic doors, to buy one piece of the formation of wooden doors, this door 1. Environmental 2. Not afraid of water 3. Not afraid of fire 4. Not afraid of insects
What is the same amount of gas used in the heating of the boiler?
Different! With living water will be a little more
What is the difference between the hydraulic module and the original hydraulic module? Please master as much as possible to say the details?
Energy-saving air-conditioned room is in the original ordinary air-conditioning room structure, the traditional room of the pump, the valve group, filter decontamination equipment, energy-saving equipment, supporting parts and control systems of these components together. Used in warm air conditioning water system in the water medium power transmission and control and connect the host and the heat transfer end of the pipeline, in series to form a standardized equipment. Equipment through the professional staff according to the real shortage of speculation in the past, the need to match the various components to the most economical and energy-saving program customization
To warm the company which installed the best
To warm the installation to consider a lot of factors, or please warm the company to warm it
To warm the heating furnace electricity and coal to buy more warm?
The key must be safe
Home old house want to install to warm how to do?
It is not very good to go to the pipeline. Not how to change
Home to use to warm, but want to use Finney's cooling water heater, do not know how to combine?
To warm the general use of fireplaces, water heaters for life hot water, does not affect. If you want the two sets, it involves the system integration, and need to see your system and want to achieve the function to match the controller and control valve, and for the HVAC professional is not a complex State sleep pumpkin mixed, but do not understand or very hard....