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How to save the hot water bag inside need to water
Put the water inside, dry, air discharge, tighten the lid, keep in a cool place, do not put together with cosmetics
With hot water bag can be deposited on the green
You can try to get two more times. With hot water bag will be more pain
Screw to the end of the loose
For the sake of insurance or a new bar, add something and then twist, then it is tight, in case of a loose with the use of trouble.
Why do you want to put salt in the water in the hot water bag?
Because it is not electric heating wire, is the use of electrode heating, put a little salt in order to increase the conductivity.The working principle of electrode type electric hot water bag is improved based on solid heating on the cake, the electrode heating method, high temperature control and temperature control thermal fuse double insurance. Under normal circumstances, when the liquid temperature in the bag reaches 65 degrees, the thermostat will automatically cut off the circuit and stop heating.
Who can tell me which brand of hot water bag is best used?
Many of the production conditions are relatively simple small household electrical appliances factory, and even family workshops can produce, so the quality is uneven. Which is why we often see in the report is a very important reason of electrothermal problems, here we sum up some common problems of some electric warming bag. The quality problems of the electric heating bag mainly focus on the following aspects: 1. Leakage current and electrical strength are not up to standard. Spot checks from the electric heating bag products, a considerable part of the product is easy to leak current, electrical strength is not up to the standard requirements, easy to cause the user in the use of the process, due to wear, consumption, etc....
The plane when the electric hot water bag can be checked?
Passengers travel by plane, prohibited to carry goods, in addition to the inflammable and explosive materials, knives and other contraband, including all liquid, paste, gel and spray materials, such as mineral water, beverage, soup and syrup, creams, lotions, skin oils, perfumes, shaving foam, deodorant, toothpaste, contact lens solution, hair type and shower gel products etc.. Matches, lighters and other items are not allowed to carry on board, not allowed to check. Business class, economy class passengers each carry luggage shall not exceed the total number of a first-class cabin, passengers can not be more than two.
Hot water bag can be added to the stomach hemorrhoids
No, hot compress abdomen and hemorrhoids nothing. There are many causes of hemorrhoids, common cause is often sedentary long standing, constipation or diarrhea, eating spicy etc..
What is the reason that the hot water bag will float in the cold water basin
Archimedes's law is an important principle, it is pointed out that hydrostatic, immersed in static fluid objects by a buoyancy, its size is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object, vertical direction and through the centroid of the displaced fluid. This conclusion was first proposed by Archimedes, which is called the principle of Archimedes. It is also true that the object is partially immersed in the liquid. The same conclusion can be extended to gas.