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A lot of the poor quality of the ah, leakage of water leakage explosion what are the circumstances. I was 05 years in the supermarket to buy a used in the past three years. This year intends to change, but the price is not good enough to believe that the results did not find expensive. There is no purchase of electrothermal standard?
Buy electric bag must have electrothermal 3CCC certification, quality system certification, inspection certificate, power line internal external insulation copper wire line are coarse as well, and then open the electrothermal cloth coat a closer look at the appearance of the work of electrothermal, and the best selection of the regular manufacturers of brand goods!
Why should the hot water bag into outstanding twill
With anti scald + anti slip effect! Anti scald: making contact with the human form of twill "after the bag is changed, when no twill is surface contact made of twill after a line contact! Change the contact area changes the moment obtained from the heat on the bag body! So as not to be burned, in addition to this form increases the heat dissipation area to help heat!
How can blow hot water bottle mouth
Vital capacity is big enough
Using hot water bags for heating is a kind of heat transfer.
There are three ways of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. The process of heat transfer is the transfer of energy
Safety in electroheat bag
We note the electric hot water bag will find on the market of electrothermal price is high, the corresponding quality is also different. The premise of safe use of electric hot water bag is a good quality of the electric hot water bag.
As long as qualified products will not have this situation. Regular hot water bags are temperature control will automatically power off.
Other magical hot water bag:1, hot water bag can promote wound healing because warm can stimulate tissue regeneration and relieve pain and strengthen the organization and the role of nutrition, when warming effect on the surface of the wound, a lot of serous exudate increased, can help remove the pathological products; heat can cause blood vessels to dilate, blood vessel permeability, help discharge tissue metabolism the product and the absorption of nutrients, inhibit the development of inflammation, accelerate wound healing.2, relieve pain: knee pain with hot water bottle on the knee hot compress, the pain will soon be eased. In fact, hot compress not only can relieve joint pain, the lumbago, sciatica, dysmenorrhea (are cold syndrome), the hot water bag on the local pain, every 20 minutes, every 1 ~ 2 times, also can significantly relieve pain; subcutaneous hematoma caused by sprain and contusion injury, in 24 hours, with hot water bag hot compress, can promote the absorption of subcutaneous congestion.3, apply back: winter cold cough, cough with hot water bag filled with hot water, with a thin towel wrapped, deposited on the back of the cold, cough will soon be. Hot compress back, can make the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other parts of the blood vessels and blood circulation to accelerate, in order to enhance the metabolism and the ability of white blood cells, and a cough. This method is particularly effective in the early cold cough.
Why is there a very unpleasant smell on the hot water bag?
When the rubber is heated, the smell is not good for people. After the hot water bag is cool, the water is released
What is the water in the hot water bag
Electric hot water bag in your yellow water is caused by long-term repeated heating. Rest assured of it, no problem. Some of the electrothermal online shopping, which is empty, (because the calculation according to the requirements of users own water weight). Empty hot water bag inside a small pill, plus natural water will be dissolved, no water on their own water on the line, the merchant has a small funnel to send it? If you do not have to go to buy a water when you do not remember to fill the air, or hot water bags after the expansion.