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Paloma Tankless Water Heater Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Paloma Tankless Water Heater supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Paloma Tankless Water Heater firm in China.

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Hobbing machine hob installation angle is wrong, what will happen?Go to work in the middle of the hob stopped, and then use the manual to hob vertical movement, and then start the workpiece and why card and the card hob is bad? And the consequences?
For the share, I'll tell you. The angle is shifted, the hob's pitch is wrong. The back angle is also easy to take off.. If you move back, you'll certainly get stuck. With hob is also a certain relationship. Wenling Kaiyuan tool factory this kind of strength brand hob generally won't card bad. Don't forget to give me a bonus!!!!
I have not heard of the operation of grinding hob, I would like to ask you, the friend knows, please explain, the more detailed the better, thank you for a friend here.
First of all thank more than two friends here, sharpening is not convenient, the price is Wuliubaiyi, want to put the tool grinding their own modifications, dividing head for dividing. We are tipped gear hob, front tooth surface misalignment, like 7 degrees, the specific degrees I don't know. I also want to ask whether this kind of knife and grinding wheel are right or right
When the gear hobbing machine, gear hobbing cutting depth increases, the cutter shaft transmission box a gala Gala of the strange sound, returned from the new start roll disappears, each gear case, open the inspection found no gear hob shaft breakage, pressure bearing clearance, from the new installation and debugging after the situation remains the same, this is what's the matter?
This situation is generally caused by heavy load, please focus on the following conditions:1, the transmission shaft transmission less oil, to be added. 2, hob wear a large amount, or hob grinding is not correct, causing chip power increases, sharpening. 3, eat too much, over load rolling gear machine, adjust the cutting depth to the right. 4, whether the hardness of the workpiece material is too high?.
What are the main causes of hob breaking?
(1) helical rolling wheel indexing hanging off, (Y38-1, Y3150) indexing hanging round off, the table does not turn, turn the cutter knife, broken teeth. The differential gear shedding (Y3150E, Y3180H) differential gear off the bench or turn. (2) head screw clearance large, in the processing process, the knife suddenly sank (inverse milling often), caused by the amount of feed is too large, not only from the sometimes broken tooth hob groove crack, the entire knife scrap (3) processing the material hardness is too high or too soft, also to the broken tooth cutter
How to adjust the clearance between the upper and lower blades of the slitting machine?
Method for adjusting installation clearance between upper and lower rolling blades of slitting machine:The clearance between the upper and lower blades of the slitting machine is usually adjusted by precision shims. But be careful, if the blade concentricity or balance is not good, then you have to sharpen the knife again.Slitting machine and slitting line, slitting machine, slitting machine, is a kind of metal cutting equipment. 1. uses: suitable for longitudinal shearing of metal strip, and winding the slitting strip into coils. 2. advantages: easy to operate, high cutting quality, high utilization of materials, cutting speed, stepless speed regulation and so on. 3. structure: from uncoiling (unwinding), material positioning, slitting, slitting, coiling (winding) and so on. 4. applicable materials: tinplate, silicon steel sheet, aluminum strip, copper, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, etc.. 5. applicable industries: transformers, motors, household appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging industry, etc..
Din 5480 8j precision involute spline with what grade of hob processing?
Yes, I think your company is the product of the whole machine, and if it is the processing of outsourcing, we must communicate with customers
Experts, EG, how much is the hobbing hob used in the actual production of engagement? Feed rate? What is the effect of spindle speed, machining accuracy? What is the M2 M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 / M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 engagement, the lathe is Chongqing 3180 thank you teachers, generous with your criticism
When hobbing, the feed amount is related to the precision of the gear. In order to achieve high precision, the scoring is coarse, fine, rolling and cutting. Generally speaking, within two 5mm modulus, the gears with seven to eight orders can be made according to the requirements of the drawing. In the market economy, if it is a one-sided pursuit of efficiency and quality can be relaxed if I have seen 8mm modulus gear knife into place, cutting tool and machine tool (Y3180A hobbing machine) can not stand, can the boss agree that it must be so. This kind of dry work check, do not check, you can certainly say that the quality of substandard, diameter jump failure, the roughness of the surface roughness, tooth shape and tooth direction, not to mention unqualified. But the boss is proud that the product can be sold at a low price, in short supply. At the technical level, I could only accept such a process, so I resigned.
I produce high speed hob, M3, double headed, pressure angle 20 degrees, machined gear Z11 and Z9 gear. The normal line changes momentum 0.06~0.1 and does not dare to shave teeth. I analyze the reasons: long hob processing, less gear, gear inappropriate: in theory inappropriate. The machining tolerance is accumulated; the vibration is large; the accuracy of the hob; the accuracy of the gear hobbing machine. So far, I haven't solved it completely. But I told the gear factory to use the same hob to gear the Z43 gear, which is obviously much better. I hope you can correct me.
The number of teeth of the theory is not suitable to duotou hob tooth number, use 9-11 double thread hob, usually duotou hob is to improve work efficiency, and processing precision will be relatively lower is certain, usually will be reflected in the pitch, what equipment you use, and your equipment speed of working table can handle? Personal comments are for reference only