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LOL He barks, jumps, whines and bites at the vacuum while I am using it(and with a black GSD I do have to use it alot!!). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him used to this? When he was a puppy it did not bother him at all but as he got older, the minute it comes out of the closet he starts whining and barking at it. I have tried telling him NO as I vacuum and he will stop for a 1/2 a minute and watch it but it seems that as I am moving it back and forth across the rug he just can't help himself and he's on it again. I have tried distracting him with toys and cookies to no avail. Short of putting him outside (or in a closet JK) I don't know what to do. Anyone else who had this problem (or not) and may have some help?
Banshee, I have 2 GSDs, and, both of them, (one is a Female, other a Male) both act silly when I have my vacuum going also. One will bark at it, and, jump around also. The other wants to hang around and watch it thus not moving out of the way......he even will paw at it, and, defy it. My (F) Rottweiler just moves, and, stays clear, so, I guess GSDs in our case see a Vacuum as some form of invader or something. I just deal with it. My female is almost 9 y/o now, and my male is almost 6 y/o. I don't even try to change their behavior. I guess I'm glad they don't go running away and whining. I'd rather see them rather macho unlike my cats whom head to cover when they see me plug it in.
no but nature abhors a vacuum.
i would say have a new cord installed, i'm sure osha would have a problem with you getting killed from a badly patched cord.
I think it's the noise, yes, but it's also the fact that the noise is so sudden, from complete silence or whatever's going on in the room previously. If a cat is motionless and all of a sudden, something is pushed towards her and she has less of a comfort zone, that may also scare her. One of my previous cats used to puff up her tail, curl her tongue and hiss at the vacuum until it was about 6 inches away from her. Then she'd run and hide until the noise stopped and the monster was put back in the closet. If the monster stayed out in the open, she would attack it with her paw when it was shut off!
17th century chemist and physicist Rober Boyle discovered that sound won't travel through a vacuum.Then why is my vacuum cleaner so loud?
Wrong area. But anyway, don't confuse a vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. Between your ears in this case must be a vacuum or a black hole to post such a ridiculous question, and post it in the wrong area of questions.
Since my childhood, It always makes me sleepy and I literally love that white noise. I have already a couple of friends around having the same peace like I am when it operates. Maybe more here on the web?
Nope, not me! I find that wierd! I'm wierd too i guess any insect buzz makes me itchy
Vacuum cleaners are very cheap at the moment and L G have a very good name in lots of products. We have always stuck to Hoover and use one called The One,good for picking animal hairs up.
Has anyone with pet allergies tryed the Hepa Air Cleaner? How well does it work?
Has not anything in any respect to do with radiation. HEPA, I have no idea the distinctive terminology HOWEVER: High Efficiency Particles ----some thing. It relatively does use a prime voltage electric area to suck very tiny debris out of the air that passes by way of it. Some of the filters are simply filters. Others use prime voltage to energise a distinct filter out to Ionize the passing filth/spores, and many others., to get them out of the air. When searching for those matters cross to the Consumer Reports web page to uncover out which of them paintings and which of them are simply fakes!