Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Lower-noise Motor

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Product Description:

The stainless tank is strong and durable. With a powerful lower-noise motor,the vacuum cleaner has a specially strong suction.

Capacity:  60L
Power:  2000W
Voltage:  220V-240V~

Height:  90cm

Tank diameter:  Φ 440mm

Mode of cooling:  Circulating air cooling
Air flow rate:   106L/S
Vacuum suction:   250mbar
Length of th cable:  8m
Hose diameter:    Φ 40mm

Packing: IPC   63.5X56X99cm


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Q:Has anyone used one of those robotic vacuum cleaners (they vacuum floor by themselves). How effective was it?
~~My mom has one and raves about it. My step dad even named it Suzette! My mom, who is anal about a clean house says it does better than she can as it goes under furniture, etc. She's made me want one now. Just not sure what my dogs would do to it??~~
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners quiet in the TV adverts?
Funny, funny, funny! The question is what would it look like if the average man had designed it? I'd have to go with - Charles Laughton's version of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Man's slanted view! (and by the way - I'm not sure where from - I think that I must be turning into Ozzy Osbourne) Again - nice one!.......Laughing!
Q:Residential Carpet Cleaners??
I had my carpets professionaly cleaned (with water) and they looked no better than when I did them myself with my household steamer, or rental unit's in the past.
Q:Will Dyson vacuum accessories fit a standard 1 1/4 vac hose?
Of course Jack from customer service wouldn't say Dyson accessories would fit other vacs. He wants you to buy a Dyson. Well, I have a shop vac and it has a 1 1/4 inch hose, but I cannot amazingly find a stiff bristle brush to go with a shop vac. So I am trying to see if this stiff bristle brush can be made to fit.
Q:Bagged Vacuum Cleaners?
non bagged vacuum
Q:The Vacuum Salesman?
I have heard of the joke before and it is still a good and funny one.
Q:What does cleaning effectiveness mean regarding Vacuum Cleaners? What is better? Amps, Volts, Watts?
I always look for suckage. I get the one that sucks the best. You would assume this would be the most powerful one but not necessarily so. Rainbows vacuums are the best but they are expensive - you can sometimes get a good used one on OKorder
Q:What Vacuum do I get?
Dyson ball
Q:Do robot floor vacuum cleaners really work?
i had a roomba, but we lived overseas and plugged into a converter to charge it. when we got back to the states, it didn't work. plus, it snags on the fringes of carpets. it worked fine, but was more of a pain to set up the room to accomodate it than just getting out the old fashioned one and getting the job over with.
Q:Why are black women always going on about vacuum cleaners. It's getting me really bored?
Why is this in the celebrities section and why are you being such a racist just cuz ONE black woman was talking about vacum cleaners?

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