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Don't men vacuum too?
Advertisements are set up to appeal to the audience that is most likely to purchase and utilize the product. Since, women are the the consumer that is most likely to use a vacuum, the advertisers try to show the women not only using the product, but enjoying an easier life because of the product. However, I've seen a few vacuum commercials which feature men. Plus, if you see a lawn mower commercial, it's probably a man riding it, because a man is the one most likely to use it in reality. ;-) I know it's disconcerting, but right now --- that's America!
My mom is looking for a new vacuum cleaner and can't decide between an upright or canister. She has a lot of carpeted areas and bare floor as well. What would you recommend? Can you suggest good vacuum cleaners that aren't too expensive and especially, aren't too heavy or difficult to maneuver?
It relies upon on how lots you're keen to spend. I actually have a Rainbow and it incredibly is the terrific vacuum cleanser i've got ever owned. that's bagless, the airborne dirt and mud from the flooring is going right into a container you place water in and have faith me, it pulls issues out of my carpet that i did no longer understand have been there. An further bonus is you may upload air freshners to the water and it makes your place scent so solid after vacuuming. that's of the cannister variety comes with popular attachments. I, such as you have pets interior the living house to me, it incredibly is the only thank you to flow. Rainbow's are costly although yet you're able to good fortune up and %. up a used one. solid good fortune on your quest!
They are so dangerous. Vacuum Cleaners with cords are dangerous becauseYou can trip over the cordYou can get suffocated by the cordYou can lose extremitiesOr even worse...DeathI wonder why vacuum cleaners with cords are still being made. They are very dangerous, and it takes forever to vacuum with them because they cause people to trip or get caught up in the cord. There should be a law that makes it so that no more vacuum cleaners with cords can be manufactured after February 17, 2009-just like the DTV law. What do you think about these death trap vacuum cleaners?
Of all the things in the world to worry about, killer vacuum cleaners are pretty low on my list. Besides, the rechargeable kind don't have enough power to clean well. On the other hand, I generally despise cleaning and other household chores. A great way around the need to vacuum is to install hardwood floors. Of course, then you have to sweep or swiffer, but this is generally a less onerous task. I think will join you in your cause. DEATH TO VACUUMS! DEATH TO CARPET!
What is something that moves in a house not including people or pets
Insects like spiders, flys, and ants.
I want to know your personal experiences about which vacuum is best (especially for deep cleaning and getting cat hair off furniture), and which are just a waste of money. Only your own experiences, please! I don't really care what your hairdresser's cousin's husband's mother said, lol!I'm planning to buy another new vacuum, and want to get the most bang for my buck, and hopefully one that will last! Thanks a bunch!
Well, I've had a Kirby since 1979 and it's still going strong. I've always had cats and dogs and whatever other critters in the house. They're expensive - I think I paid close to $500 when I bought it with all the attachments - rug shampooer, carpet cleaner, etc - but considering I've had it over 30 years, I've gotten my money's worth. I've only had to replace the belt twice. I think they cost about $6 last time I bought one.
My bagless vacuum is about 1 year old. We change our HEPA filter and the round filter under the dirt trap, clean the washable sponge as instructed. Recently, all of a sudden the machine smells really bad like a dead body is inside the machine. Anyone with a solution?
pour some baking soda on the floor suck it up - that should fix it!
I'm looking for a picture of the girl dragging the vacuum cleaner around in the movie quot;Oncequot;. I tried using google image search but couldn't find it, maybe I used the wrong keywords. Any ideas?Thanks in advance.
okorder good luck.
I have gone through three vacuum cleaners in the last 6 months because I vacuum all the time(3 children and one dog).I really want a vacuum that sucks up the dirt well as well as pet hair and can clean the stairs well.
I work in a vacuum repair/sales shop and I have a few suggestions... first, in my opinion, if pet hair carpet 'fur' is am issuse, do no go bagless. The filters tend to clog up and the suction then drops off. As for the claims of brands that they do not clog, I would need to see it to believe it. 60% of all repairs I do are clogs in one form or another. the biggest problem with the Dysan is that the parts are very hard to get. therefore, expensive to fix. Dirt Devil makes a good machine, but for my mone, Panasonic is the way to go. I personally own two. Your other choice is a canister vac. They are a little more money, but are easier to move around.