Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner for Home Use

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$25.00 - 30.00 / pc
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1003 Pieces pc
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30000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Water filtration and wet&dry vacuum cleaner : NJS-807

1. 1200W, 1400W

2. 10 L for dust, 8.5 L for water

3. Injection color
4. plastic tube or metal tube
5. 2 pcs plastic floor brush(1 pc for dry, 1pc for wet)


Packing details:

PACKING:1 in 1 giftbox
Giftbox meas.350*350*520 mm
G.W. / N.W.7.5/6.5 kgs



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Q:Why do some vacuum cleaners have head lights?
It makes it much easier to see in dark corners and darker areas, such as under beds and in closets. I have found quite a few things because the light from the headlight reflected off something that the room light didn't show up. Also, it makes pet hair show up easier, so you know when it's clean. I do vacuum during the day, but there's two dogs in my house, and some areas have more dirt/hair/lint/etc. than others.
Q:If Jesus was killed by abortion instead of crucifixion, would Christians wear vacuum cleaners or coat hangers?
Wrong again. The Christians will always carry the crucifixion . It is the heathens who will carry the vacuum cleaners and the coathanger, while they march into the eternal fires of hell. There will be many women, men, who will hang by the coathangers over the fire and their screaming and knashing of teeth will never cease. Don't make if's about Jesus. Not funny, when you mock the Bible or Jesus.
Q:What would happen if you vacuumed a vacuum cleaner?
They'd make a baby vacuum cleaner :3
Q:Is there anything better than Vacuum Cleaner ?
Try the heavyduty Hako Vacuum Cleaner. Buying a cheap vacuum cleaner is also ok but remember, quality has its price.
Q:kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner!?
I wouldn't recommend most of today's commercial brand of vacuum cleaners as they're all mostly junk made in Mexico, China, etc. I would recommend a Sebo cleaner- I got one after my Hoover died on my after only 1 year of ownership. I have a Labrador too, along with two kitties and need a dependable vacuum. I bought my Hoover for almost $200 and the Sebo's go for $250-300, not a lot more but they work so much better and have a lifetime warranty and a 30 year on the belt alone! They are German engineered and built.
Q:Vacuum cleaner problem?
I interpret your description to mean that the motor that drives the beater brush stopped running. If that motor is really an electric motor (and not one of those turbine brush drives), and the problem of it shutting off when you hit the height adjustment is related, then it would seem reasonable to look for a broken wire. One other possibility is that maybe the brush dug into the carpet (did you adjust it downward?) and stalled the motor and that might have caused it to burn out (usually a fusible link in the motor windings), or with luck, it's just a breaker that you can reset. If it was a thermal protection device that tripped, it would had to have been quite a coincidence, because if it tripped from an over-temperature condition, it would not likey happen so instantantly after you hit the adjustment control.
Q:Does any company still make a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and brush?
I bought one at sears 9 months ago.
You paid $2,000 for a vacuum cleaner? OMG, are you that dense and gullible? I cannot find this brand you mention with any models costing $2,000. Something smells here. There are no devices that you describe. If you have this kind of money to spend ask locally as to a shop vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, has the tools you want and select what works for you. But, Dude, someone ripped you off as to a $2,000 vacuum cleaner. Look in the mirror.
Q:Vacum Cleaner for pet hair?
the okorder.com. the suction power is great. and it's amazing how much stuff the things pulls out of the carpet every week. ew! but they're worth the money imo. mine is a year and a half old and still going strong (which, believe it or not, is a personal record).
Q:Is a vacuum cleaner that has no dust bag in it able to vacuum?
Dust bags aren't required for the vacuum to collect dust and dirt. It's a bagless vacuum. The dirt goes into a cup, and you just dump it out.

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