Electric Vacuum Cleaner Applied to House and Vehicle

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$20.00 - 25.00 / set
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Nanhai Sansang
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1500 Sets set
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1500 Sets per Day set/month

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Product Description:

Vacuum suction, powerful and persistent

Applied to house or vehicle ,

4 function adjustment: stop, clean, light, clean and light

Durable ABS material and high density filter

Wide angle cleaning with 360 degree rotation

Easy to operate with lower center of gravity

All-in-one design, saving space

Large dust collection box, practical and convenient


power regulation setting   

floor nozzle                       

motor protection filter        

crevice nozzle                   

cancordless operation 

-can continue operation by Cord    



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Q:How to repair the starting switch of vacuum cleaner?
With a break through detector or a multimeter, make sure that the switch is switched off when the switch is switched off and that the switch is closed
Q:how long is the life of vacuum cleaners suppose to be?
Sounds okorder.com/
Q:Were do they sell mickey mouse vacuum cleaners?
Do those even exist? I have been to gift shops all over Disney WOrld many times and never recalled seeing such a thing.
Q:Are commercial vacuum cleaners available for home use?
Sure why not. If you can find a store that sells one. I'd check in the yellow pages for commercial cleaning supplies. Expect to pay a significant premium. It will not have more suction. The plastic bits will be replaced by metal and it will have a longer cord.
Q:Does dog hair ruin vacuum cleaners? And if so, what do you recommend for pet hair control?
Dysons work very well, but you do have to clean all the hair of the bristles after your done, or else if you don't then after awhile you'll end up having to cut the hair of the bristles (not fun). My parents also have a Kirby Heritage that they use to clean the hardwood floors. We have a pomeranian who sheds constantly, so we're always vacuuming little wads of hair off the floor. I don't think that dog hair ruins a vacuum cleaner, just make sure you clean out the hair stuff so that it doesn't get clogged, or lose any suction or anything.
Q:What voltage/current is in the usual home appliances?
household voltage is 120 volts ac. a typical household circuit is rated at 20 amps. if you were to think of electricity as water in a pipe, the voltage is the pressure. amperage is rate of flow. so in a water pipe you always have water pressure however you have no flow until you open the spigot. all the devices you named operate on normal 120 volt ac household current except an electric dryer which operates on 240 volts ac. the listed nameplate amperage or wattage is the current that is required to make the device work. there is no conversion of energy to make the device work. electromotive force is the force which drives a motor. items that heat such as a clothes dryer or incandescent light bulb work on a principle of electrical resistance. direct current is typically low voltage (1.5-24) and is the type of electricity found stored in batteries used in cars and flash lights, cell phones, etc. the only 12-16 volt 60-110 amp dc device would be an automotive type battery charger. hope i answered your question.
Q:Why do dogs get so freaked out by vacuum cleaners?
Dogs have much better hearing than us, they are sensitive to high frequencies which are emitted by vacuum cleaners!
Q:Vacuum cleaner smells up my house?
My mom had the same problem. If you have a filter on your vacuum, you have to remove it and clean it very well. You are on the right track with the baking soda. After the filter is dust free (as mush as possible) place it in a bag with a whole box of baking soda for at least two days. Should freshen it right up.
Q:Does anyone know why my vacuum smells so bad?
pour some baking soda on the floor suck it up - that should fix it!
Q:What are the best brands of...?
your pic turned me on

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