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What kind of equipment installation is needed in the indoor recirculating aquaculture system?
Fully automatic micro filter, protein separator, ozone machine, residual ozone remover
What facilities and conditions do you need to keep tropical fish?
In addition, tropical fish must be heated in winter, and the size of the heat preservation tube depends on the fish tank and the room temperature
For freshwater aquaculture shrimp technology and equipment, feed
. With the improvement of people's living standard and the depletion of wild resources, the output of fishing by the outer river has been far from enough to meet the market demand
How many breeds of pet lizards, feeding conditions and equipment are very simple?
It is the cheapest kind of gecko frog eye good figure
I have a 50 mug to keep sea water fish need what equipment.
Sea water aquarium special salt, without coral, light can buy cheap
What are the bad aspects of the automated breeding hens?
Layers are easy to get pestilence, chicken, of course, in accordance with the procedures to do epidemic prevention
Do you sell farming equipment?
Also known as piglet nursery, nursery beds, nursery beds, piglets, nursery columns, and so on, there are two beds of nursery equipment, there are also a bit, can be customized according to customer needs
What are the requirements, site and equipment for the forest frog?
It is to use artificial method, in forest frog whole growth process, carry out a set of artificial breed technology measure,