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A group of small servers, about 4-7 nodes, the wave of TS10000 series. I think about 10kw ups enough, do not know what the choice of the brand, the battery can be used for half an hour enough, please help solve, thank you
1, first check the rated power of each server, and then calculate the total load power; 2, how to use the environment? Is it in the room? Is there air conditioning? 3, the local grid environment how? Is it stable? 4, whether to consider expansion later? That is, later to increase the server or other load to UPS to bring? UPS manufacturers are now many models, according to the specific use of the situation to be. Such as the environment is good, the quality of the grid Ye Hao, the future does not consider the expansion, the choice of high-frequency UPS, such as the mountain, but the current market, the name of the brand of a lot of UPS brand, fish eyes, pay attention to the selection of Shenzhen Hills, the quality is more secure ; If you want to consider the future expansion, may consider the use of modular UPS, such as GA, should be the current module machine bigger, but the price will be more expensive; such as the use of poor environment, power quality is not stable, then Selection of frequency series of UPS, such as domestic brands Branch Hua, the current industry evaluation is good, stable quality.
UPS power supply is mainly used in what areas
UPS is now the application of the field is very light, all walks of life are used!
I also contrast on the Internet, did not see what is the difference ah? Emerson ups power why so expensive?
From the after-sales service, the Hills ups also slightly higher than the Emerson ups, the same three years but the service process Emerson than the company's trouble more than the company. From the price point of view, the price is relatively reasonable ups and downs, and Emerson is because the world-class brand prices will be much higher, if it is their own units or no brand, I recommend the use of Hills ups power. I hope my answer is helpful to you
Delta Power Supply GES-N1K Driver Download Ask the experts to help find, found sent over. UPS power supply, a drive, you can connect the computer! I want to connect the computer to modify the UPS parameters ...
The normal situation is not required to drive. That can not be connected to the computer.
I would like to ask: UPS power supply life how long?
The host can be two decades can be, but some of the capacitors to click on some of the accessories, the environment is also a great relationship with the battery, then the general lead-acid battery design life is 7 to 8 years, but the general use of 3 to 4 years To change the colloidal battery, then you can generally use 6,7 years, life with your maintenance has a great relationship between the search
How good is a good UPS power supply to power?
How old people asked the question of the two goods, UPS is only Taiwan uninterruptible power supply, power supply time is determined by the size of the battery capacity. The general standard machine in 10-15 minutes or so, long machine can be configured according to customer needs!
Ups power can air conditioning, a 1.5p air conditioner requires much power Ups power?
1.5P conventional with 2KVA UPS. But the domestic UPS, air conditioning start peak energy can not reach, need to use 6KVA or 10KVA, can be done without electricity can still open air conditioning.
It is expected that the power of the load equipment (computing server + ancillary equipment) is about 9KW, working for two hours in the event of power failure How much battery is used? How many pieces are right? What is the reason for the calculation?
Recommended cost-effective one: Mountain ARRAY-MP-15KVA, +20 12V100AH maintenance-free battery, A20 cabinet, can meet the power at 9KW, power delay work for two hours. And the load is about 70%, the UPS run the best. Product power: 12KW (kW) Voltage input and output: single in single out External battery voltage: 240V (DC) single block number: 20 blocks Weight: 5 kg (kg) Size: 436 * 775 * 443 MM Application environment: small room Simple calculation: (100 * 20 * 12 * 0.8) /9000=2.13H (hours)