6KVA Online UPS 220VAC ,LCD interface 220VAC

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1. 6KVA Online UPS 220VAC 
2.Long backup time 
3.High frequency and double convrsion online technoloy 
4.LCD or LED 

6KVA Online UPS 220VAC


1.Double conversion online technology
2.MCU intelligent control
3.Wide input voltage range
4.LCD LED user interface
5.optional 110/230 output voltage
6.Cold start 
7.Short circuit and overlaod protection
8.Self test when ups start
9.Auto restart after utility power restore when ups shutdown due to battery low
10.Over temperature and over voltage protection
11.Optional extension battery pack
12.EM/RF noise filter
13.Smart rs232 communication with monitoring software
14.Optional SNMP card slot


Power Capacity6KVA/4.2KW10KVA/7W10KVA/7W15KVA/10.5W20KVA/14W
Related voltage220V
Voltage range176~276VAC304~478VAC
Power factor0.980.95
Voltage220VAC +_1%
Frequency RangeThe same as utility frequency(Line Mode),60HZ/50Hz+_0.2Hz(Battery mode)
WaveformPure sine Wave
Power factor0.7
Voltage DistortionLess than 0.2 under liner load
Current Crest Ratio3:1 Max
Overlaod CapacityLine mode:105%<load<150% for 10mins,or Laod >130% for 
300ms,then transfer to bypass alarm
Battery mode:105%<Load<150% for 30s & load>150%
for 300ms,then trun off ouput &alarm
TypeSealed-lead Acid Maintenance free battery
Backup time5minN/A
Recharge time8hrs to 90% of capacity after full laod discharge
Transfer time0ms
Maintenance Bypass SwitchYes
LED LCD Indicators
StatusLoad lever/Battery lever/battery /Untiliy power inverter, Bypass, Overload, Fault
Audible Alarm
ConditionBypass/Battery Mode/Battery low/Overload/Fault
BypassAlarm beeps every 2minuts
Battery dischargeAlarm beeps every 4 seconds/Every second if battery low
OverlaodAlarm beeps twice every second
FaultAlarm beeps continuously
Acoustic Niose
At 1 meter distance<55dBA60dBA
DB-9 PortRS232 Serial Interface
Intelligent SlotOptions:Webpower, AS400 or Winpower CMC
Operating Temperature0~40°C
Operating Humidity20~90% non-condensing
Net Weight90/4693/38455555


6KVA Online UPS 220VAC ,LCD interface 220VAC

6KVA Online UPS 220VAC ,LCD interface 220VAC

6KVA Online UPS 220VAC ,LCD interface 220VAC

6KVA Online UPS 220VAC ,LCD interface 220VAC

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Q:How to use UPS UPS
Plc quite like a micro-computer, and if you can use in the electricity, the ups on the ups with their own socket, you can directly use ups! Probably about 200 - 300w or so, configure a 500va on the ok, and can delay a 10 - 20min!
Q:How long can the power supply be used?
In the good can not use 3-4 hours You bought a generator.
Q:What is the difference between the authenticity of the mountain uninterrupted power supply?
1 appearance packaging - fake special packaging simple Chinese formal factory name and site 2 bear the brunt - brand recognition - only "SANTAK" "STK" The first trick: the brand recognition. Casually Internet search, there will be more than a dozen "mountain" words of the brand. First, it should be clear that the company's full name is Hills Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., on the market in the form of "XX Hill", "Hills XX", "XXSANTAK", "SANTAKXX", "XSTK" or "STKUPS" ... For the trademark of the UPS are not Hill Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. products. There are only three kinds of registered trademarks
Q:The room with the ups power supply why some cold start, and some to hot start
Now use the UPS generally do not need to first cold start, as long as you put the battery open on the open, so that he can detect the existence of the battery can be normal boot, of course, some UPS your battery does not push the air on the machine will prompt Battery failure, from children not to boot
Q:How long does the UPS power supply last?
Charging machine power is generally about 300W, if you do not need a long time power supply with 500VA backup UPS can be, and time in 10 minutes or so. Also two or three hundred dollars, if you need a long time power supply, with a K1000 long machine, backup time from half an hour to 12 hours can be. After installing the UPS, the power failure does not affect the customer's billing record!
Q:What is the meaning of "VA" in the UPS power supply model?
In fact, "W" is always less than or equal to "VA". The conversion relationship between them can be calculated using the following formula: W = VA × power factor. The power factor is between 0 and 1, which represents the percentage of useful power (W) for the load current. Only the electric heater or light bulb and other power factor of 1. For other equipment, there is a part of the load did not work. This part of the current is harmonic or reactive current, which is caused by the load characteristics. Since this part of the current, so "VA" value than the "W" value, "W" can be seen as "VA" value when the power factor of 1 when the special case. In general, the computer's w (W) value is 60% to 70% of its "VA" value.
Q:Should be equipped with much power UPS uninterruptible power supply?
According to the equipment, the electricity environment and the purpose of power protection to be achieved, you can choose the appropriate UPS; For example, the built-in switching power supply of low-power equipment can generally use backup UPS, in the harsh environment should use online interaction Type or on-line UPS, and can not be allowed to intermittent time or time requirements of sine wave AC equipment, can only use on-line UPS. To determine how much power your equipment is, in general, the average PC or IPC power in the 200W or so, the Mac in 300W or so, the server between 300W and 600W, the power of other equipment can refer to the device's instructions The
Q:Power supply and ups power which is good?
1, power supply: it is designed for voltage instability, mainly as a back-end equipment to protect the use of equipment protection function is more perfect. General large UPS must also be equipped with a regulated bypass system. The scope of the power supply is very broad, almost need to use the electricity can be used (of course, the premise is the voltage instability). General home with a computer, with a TV, etc., choose high-precision automatic power supply can be, and is the market called SVC AC power supply, the price is real; if it is industrial, then of course, is the high-power AC voltage regulator Power, simple and practical. For the UPS power supply and power supply above are made a good introduction and description, hope that these can understand you for the regulator and UPS can have a very good help, so you in the future life can be very easy to distinguish them , And they can be used better.
Q:What is UPS uninterruptible power supply? In which areas
UPS Uninterruptible Power System (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of energy storage device, inverter as the main component of the constant voltage constant frequency uninterruptible power supply. Mainly for a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic equipment to provide uninterrupted power supply. When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be powered by the mains supply to the load, this time the UPS is an AC mains regulator, and it also charge the battery to the machine; when the electricity interruption (accident power failure) , The UPS will continue to supply the power to the load in the way of 4 ~ 10 milliseconds or "zero" interruption time to maintain the normal operation of the load in order to save the data and protect the soft Hardware is not damaged.
Q:UPS uninterruptible power supply OEM is what it means
OEM is a package meaning word, that is, you want the product to help you process,

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