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1. Scope

      For industrial enterprises, universities, scientific research, medical units and various laboratories for dry goods, baking

Baking, melt wax to use bacteria.

2. Structure Overview

      5E-DHG type blast oven is one of our coal analysis products. Oven outer casing are made

Baking quality steel surface, the studio made of stainless steel plates, stainless steel wire shelves made of indoor work, shelf spacing can be adjusted,

Filled with fine glass wool insulation intermediate layer. Stainless steel oven door at the top of the studio has double glass concept

Observation windows. The studio is equipped with a door connections resistant silicone rubber seals to ensure close between the studio and the door


      Box is equipped with heating thermostat system consists of a centrifugal impeller Germany imported low-noise motors,

Electric heater, suitable duct structure and temperature control device components.

      Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, using a self-tuning PID technology, compared with conventional PID control with temperature control quickly

Fast response, small overshoot, high accuracy, while the set temperature and the inside temperature uniformity digital display, with

Limit tracking alarm function, use touch of a button to set parameters for easy operation.

Technical parameters:

1. Power: ≤1.1kW

2. Thermostat range: room temperature --200 ℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

4. Tracking Alarm: ± 10 ℃

5. Studio Size: 450mm × 550mm × 550mm

Main features:

1. The use of stainless steel, with double glass observation window on the door, easy to observe inside the heating article;

2. accurate temperature control with temperature protection, automatic protection from high temperatures;

3. Vertical structure, intelligence operations, Germany imported fan, no dry sound at work, long life.

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Q:Raman's gas analyzer can analyze several gases at once
And the students also said Raman laser gas analyzer is not practical in the domestic manufacturers, how there is such a statement. The Raman laser gas analyzer China we introduced not long, people are still not aware of this product does not mean that this product is not good, just like the crabs eat this thing, to no one eat
Q:I have instrument to need to make calibration, how to choose measuring instrument calibration service?
Tell them the calibration parameters, such as balance, temperature, time and so on, they will make you in accordance with the requirements of the calibration and measurement instrument calibration, Boluo has many places in the city, you can check your.
Q:What indicators are used to measure the merits of a detector in instrumental analysis?
Sensitivity, precision, repeatability are better
Q:What is the difference between modern instrumental analysis and chemical analysis methods?
The function of the instrument to replace some artificial action, five concept identification and human, to speed up the progress of the analysis, to reduce the number of human errors; but if the principle is the use of new technology to achieve detection, then the determination object may be different, the determination of some heavy metals such as traditional chemical methods, may require chemical titration reaction each other through a variety of substances to judge analysis, a large number of samples needed before processing can be realized, but modern spectral instruments can realize nondestructive testing, do not need to complete the reaction through the middle to qualitative or quantitative, also do not need to sample pretreatment.
Q:The similarities and differences between chemical analysis and instrumental analysis are briefly described
The physical quantities of measurements are different: chemical analysis measures volume or mass; instrumental methods of measurement are optical, electrical, and other physical quantities;
Q:What are the chemical analysis instruments?
Instrumental analysis (modern analysis or physical analysis): a method of analysis based on physical or physical and chemical properties of matter. This kind of method is usually measured by light, electricity, magnetic, acoustic, thermal and other physical quantities and the results of the analysis, and the measurement of these quantities, generally use more complex or special equipment, so called "instrument analysis". In addition to qualitative and quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis can be used in the analysis of structures, valence states, state analysis, micro and thin-layer analyses, micro and ultra trace analysis, etc., and is the direction of the development of analytical chemistry.
Q:X ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer and other analytical instruments, such as: AAS, ICP and so on, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Both ICP and AAS instruments are tested by chemical methods. The advantages are: high accuracy and good repeatability. Generally speaking, third parties are using this method. The disadvantages are low test efficiency, great pollution and high test cost
Q:What are chip analysis instruments and methods?
Probe Station /Probing Test probe probe test, ESD/Latch-up electrostatic discharge / latch test utility (some customers are on the two reliability test, before the chip into the client some customers is failure to think about to take good test piece to screen these) has been put to the most commonly used means. There are some necessary analysis before the process of samples, the failure of die, decap (open, open cap), grinding, ball to De-gold bump, go to the layer, such as coloring, some also need the corresponding instrument machine, you can view the die SEM SAM and X Ray surface, look inside the package and delamination failure.In addition to the commonly used means other failure analysis methods, atomic force microscopy AFM, SIMS two ion mass spectrometry, time-of-flight mass spectrometry TOF SIMS TEM, transmission electron microscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy, field emission scanning auger microprobe, X photoelectron spectroscopy XPS, L-I-V test system, the energy loss of X optical micro analysis system and many other means however, these projects are not very common.
Q:What kind of instrument does a battery company usually use?
Such as solar cells. The performance parameters of the battery include electromotive force, capacity, specific energy and resistance. Use the battery as an energy source, can be obtained with stable voltage, stable current, long time stable power supply, current affected by the outside world is very small, and the battery has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, charging and discharging operation is simple, is not affected by the climate and temperature, stable and reliable performance in all aspects of modern social life in the play have a great effect.
Q:Why is chemical analysis more accurate than instrumental analysis?
Chemical analysis is a constant analysis, which can be understood as a higher concentration or content.The instrumental analysis is aimed at trace and trace analysis, that is, low concentration or content.

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