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you would hang them on a clothes line and beat all the dust out
I am looking for low priced pro vacuum cleaners that suck real hardwhere can i find them online
try this OKorder store
No. They buy Oreck XL's from Rent to Own and get set up on the weekly payment plan. Only 100 more payments of $9.99 and it's mine!
Please mention if you own one or have owned one in your answer.
I would love one they look great , could save a lot of work , just have to do corners monthly.
Is it because of cost? What they say about central vacs that makes portable vacuum cleaners look bad? Storage issues? Cost to maintain? Reliability? Hype? Being forced to buy one over a portable?
I prefer Bissell up right vacuums and if you keep the filter clean...for under one hundred it's a bargin Central vacuum units are pricey and if you get a clog in the hose you have other dragging the hose around the baseboard scratches them up Also thing about the dust and dirt blowing and sucking through the line to the holding are literally...pulling dust and dirt through the house in a hose... the canister is bulky and a pain to empty and if full when dumped it is a dusty mess.. for a less price and a little closet space you have little to lose I would never waste money on a central vacuum a Bissell not a dyson and vacuum onward. *(* *(*
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They suck