Intelligent Automatically Robot Vaccum Cleaner

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner 
Intelligent Wireless Remote Control 
Dirt Detection Function. 
Preset Cleaning Time Function.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Clean edges and corners effectively and efficiently with Double Flexible Side Brushes,

Work under wet and dry conditions with high fiber mopping which possess high absorbability of water.




Intelligent Wireless Remote Control.

Dirt Detection function.

Preset cleaning time function.

Suction power changeable.

Dust anti-falling system.



Clean short hair,crap,dust,smll pieces of paper etc.on carpet,wood floor,hard floor,linoleum & tile for home, hotel  and office  etc.



1. Intelligent Wireless Remote Control:

Remote control the robot with actions of moving forward,back,left,right,automatic cleaning etc. within 6meters. 


2.Dirt Detection(patented):

During the operation of the robot, if it reaches a place with a lot of dirt or debris, it will increase intensity to such area and prolong the cleaning time.


3.Preset clean time function:

Preset everyday's mission, so that it can clean your house automatically while you are working or on a business



4.Anti-tangle function(patented):

The improved anti-tangle technology keeps robot from getting stuck on cards, carpet fringe and tassels. It can skip through 2CM height wire smoothly. With climbing ability, it can climb up to a 15 degree slope.


5.Anti-fall function:

 It could observe an altitude of 8 height as a warning, thus it will not fall down to the stairs.


6.Self-charging function:

When the robot fell itself is in low power, it will go and search the charing station for charing. It don not needyour taking care of,so you can see how clear the boy is!


7.Multi- modes for cleaning:

personalized cleaning mode meets different cleaning need for different families to achieve the most perfectcleaning efficiency.

a,Auto cleaning mode

b,Spot cleaning mode

c,Self-charging mode


8.Alarm Function:

When encountering an accidental, the robot will remind you the situation.



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Q:What's the best way to clean laminate flooring?
I was wondering the answere to the same question not too long ago. I too have laminante flooring and I asked the installers what to clean it with? They reccomended good old windex. It cleans well, leaves no streaks and dries very fast!! you don't want the floors to get too wet or they'll get ruined. There are more expensive cleaners that do the same job, but key word there expensive, they have the same basic ingridents as windex!! I use it about once every 2-3 weeks and my floors never looked better!! I spray a thin layer then mop it up with a wide head terry cloth microfiber removable mop, i got from home depot that cuts the cleaning time in half because of how large it is. try this out and let me know how it works!! Hope this helps, Happy cleaning!!
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner with the cheapest price-tag?
Go and look up Eureka AirSpeed. I bought one and it cost me less than the (better) one I bought 25 years ago. I don't have pets. But, I am amazed at all the dust it sucks out of the carpet.
Q:. Why is the consideration of a black hole as a 'cosmic vacuum cleaner' so wrong?
I suppose because black holes don't draw everything in the universe into them, therefore they're not cosmic vacuum cleaners. Even if our own sun suddenly became a black hole none of the planets would be sucked into it because it would still have the same mass as the former sun.
Q:How long do vacuum cleaners last?
Industrial vacuums last about a year. Households brands last about 3 years. You can pay for a tune up or just buy a new one (which might be cheaper.) The belt has nothing to do with the suction.
Q:Good Vacuum cleaners? the dirt devil
Q:New dog preparation question ?
Puppies are like little vacuum cleaners, in their minds everything is edible until proven otherwise. It will be very dangerous to a puppy if there are all kinds of random objects lying around. It's difficult enough to train a puppy not to chew on stuff that's not his, let alone do it when he's surrounded by what looks like Toys 'r Us to him! I'd definitely recommend that you get a crate, so that the pup (and your stuff) is safe when you're not supervising him. Also, clean up at least one room, so that there's nothing lying around that he can swallow. Use a baby stair gate or something similar to block off the doorway, that way he has some more space, but is still safe. If your yard also contains a lot of 'stuff', make sure you protect him by supervising him there too. The website below is specifically for new puppy owners, you will probably find it helpful. Best of luck.
Q:Do You Hate Vacuum Cleaners With Cords?
One reason only to use one with a cord!!! The cordless type don't have any power!! If they won't pick up all the kids toys they are not worth having.
Q:what type of motors do we have in juicers, blenders, grinders & vacuum cleaners ?
i think theyre actually ac because ive never seen a converter on one
Q:is it typical for a 5 year old to be very knowledgeable on vacuum cleaners, sear, kenmore etc?
It can be very normal depending on the child and the situation if that is what they hear about that is what they'll know. Also the child may just like something and want to learn about it. Who knows your child might grow up to be very proficient in that kind of stuff.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors AND carpet?
I've had this Shark vacuum for about three years and I love it!! It picks up everything from the carpet, and has great suction for the hard floors too. It also comes with an attachment for hardword floors with bristles on all side and non-scratch wheels on the bottom. There are lots of reviews out there on this vacuum. Also Bed bathbeyond will match any competitors if you find it online for cheaper, just print it out and take it with you to the store...saves on shipping!!

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