1800W Hepa Cyclone Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Cs-T3301

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$20.00 - 23.00 / set
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850 Packs set
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50000 Packs per Month set/month

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Product Description:

New Style Mini Bagless 1400w cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner VC CS-T3301  


2.Brand Name:Cleanstar
3.Technology: Stepless Electronic Speed Control




Nice Design

High Efficiency

HEPA Outlet Filter

Shared Handle For Dust Bin And Whole Unit

Airflow Control On Handle

360 Swivel Hose




Product Size: 330*236*300mm

Giftbox  Size: 380*300*350mm


Loading Quantity:


20 FT:800 pcs

40 FT:1630 pcs

40 HQ:1850 pcs


Delivery Date:


New Order:        30 Days After Artwork Confirmed

Repeat Order:    25 Days

Sample:             10 Days After Request


Accessories & Parts Information:


2 in 1 Small Tool

Normal Brush,Hardfloor Brush


2 Pcs Plastic Tube Or Metal Telescopic Tube


Technical Details:



(1600W Motor Recommended)

Noise Level70 dB (Under 1600W Motor)
Dust Capacity1.5 L
Airflow2.0m3/min (Under 1600W Motor)
Vacuum> 20 Pa (Under 1600W Motor)
Suction Power230W (Under 1600W Motor)
Filtration SystemHepa Filtration
Cord Length5-6 m

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Q:Are tornadoes God's vacuum cleaners?
when people don't behave properly, punishment from above is imminent. it's not some mother nature punishing sinners, it's the Creator. get it? what for? so that they repent ... obviously...
Q:How hard is it to replace a power cord to a Kenmore vacuum?
Kenmore Progressive With Direct Drive
Q:Can you use the spray and vacuum type rug cleaners with a bagless vacuum?
I would Not use the bagless vacuum, I'm thinking the particles from the spray my get lodged in the intricate parts of your vacuum and do something to it. If the particles are trapped in a bag no damage is done. I'm just guessing.Good luck.
Q:if the universe is a vacuum, can you take a bunch of vacuums switched to "reverse" and expand the universe?
Are you talking about vacuum *cleaners*? Calling one a vacuum is just a diminutive colloquialism. You did know that didn't you? You are correct, though, in that the vacuum is something that can be expanded as opposed to the nothing that those who take it for granted assume it to be. It has properties like length, width, breadth, and time, which all inflated during by the Big Bang, and are expanding still. Nothing, by contrast, has no properties.
Q:vacuum cleaners in space?
No. A vacuum cleaner works by driving all the air out of the interior cavity to create a negative pressure inside. The greater atmospheric pressure outside then forces air in to fill the interior, and this is a continuous cycle. In space there would be no air either inside or outside the vacuum cleaner, so the motor would have no effect whatsoever. Even if you had air inside it for the motor to expel, there is still zero pressure outside and hence nothing to take its place.
Q:Can I use foam carpet cleaners with bagless vacuum?
Yes, I think that is still true.
Q:Cost to get vacuum fixed?
This may sound silly, but it happened to me. Our vacuum brush roller stopped working, too. Turned out that the sliding switch that gave the bare floor/carpet option wasn't fully engaged. If you have a switch like that, check it. Also, if you still have the manual for it you may want to check under the troubleshooting section or look on their website. At any rate, I take my vacuum cleaners to Sears for repairs. It usually runs me $60.00 - $80.00, depending on the problem. You may want to shop around. Ask people in your area who they go to. Sears is more expensive, but they're reputable and stand behind their work. Hope this helps!
Q:cleaning without vacuum?
do you know why your vacuum broke? If you have internet access, which I assume you do, you can find instructions for your machine on line. I recently fixed mine by replacing the belt. It only cost 3.99 and it's like a new machine. Are all the filter clean etc. Unless it's the motor, a lot of things can be easy to fix without replacing the vacuum. I have 2 young children so I know it can seem daunting to take on a task like fixing it yourself but it was surprisingly easy. Would a friend lend you their vacuum for an hour?
Q:Nit picker on vacuum. Have you ever heard of this, would you use it for nit picking if needed?
I never heard of such a vacuum, but I sure as heck wouldn't use it for for that purpose. Nits are literally glued onto the hair shaft with a substance chemically close to the composition of hair, so it would impossible for the vacuum attachment to actually work unless it pulls the entire hair strand out of your head (ouch!). Lice crawl; they don't jump or fly. Lice are spread by having had direct head to head contact (ie hugging with hair touching, sharing hats, etc) to get any number of lice to set up shop on another person's head. You were never infested because there was no direct contact to make it possible.
Q:what dyson vacuum cleaner works the best for dirt, dust and on stairs too?
Hi okorder.com/ If you need any further advice, please do not hesitate to call our Helpline on 1866MYDYSON. Kind regards Darran Dyson Customer Liaison

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