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What is the surface rolling forming machine process?
Due to the rolling surface of metal plastic deformation, so that the surface microstructure of cold hardening and grain refinement, forming a dense fibrous, and the formation of residual stress, hardness and strength, so as to improve the surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and compliance.
Improvement in rolling forming process
The rolling will produce a hardening layer on the surface of the workpiece. This layer has obvious delamination phenomenon with the internal material, which is easy to cause the surface layer to fall off;
A roll forming machine, rolling out of the length is always not up to a fixed size, not too small, that is, more than that, what is the cause?
Maybe there is something wrong with that roller. It rolls out of the wrong angle and the size will be out of order.
What kind of material and what heat treatment are used for pressing roller (molding, feeding, cutting force, heavy load, heavy load) of sheet steel rolling machine?
Non bonding wear of rolled material (especially stainless steel strip, etc.)
Process mould for rolling forming process
Rolling forming is more complicated and requires higher than rolling thread. The die design is based on the different shapes of the workpiece, the design of the rolling plate into a cross section or a few sections, can use synchronous type; also can use grading type.
What is rolling forming processing?
Ironing the surface of the workpiece with a raised micro wave crest to fill the concave micro troughs, thus changing the distribution of the peaks on the surface, and obtaining smaller surface roughness values.
Material and equipment for roll forming process
The most common type of roll forming is reciprocating flat wire twisting machine. Therefore, for the manufacturers of cold heading machines and screw rolling mills, the design of rolling dies is only a matter of design.
Introduction of roll forming process
Roll forming began around 1960s in europe. Because of roll forming, the working model has the advantages of high production efficiency, saving material and increasing product strength.