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Drink equipment of the washing machine
(3) the cleaning process is reasonable, the use of spray-type principle of washing inside and outside the bottle, and automatic filter residue in the bottle of water, cleaning empty bottles meet the health requirements;
What is air filter
It is suitable for air filtration, which is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceutical, bioengineering and so on. It is suitable for air filtration at room temperature and humidity. It is suitable for air filtration with trace acid and alkali organic solvent.
How to choose the cooling tower water treatment sterilization equipment
In fact, those slime production is due to a large number of bacteria in the water after the production of biofilm, and biofilm and breed a large number of bacteria, cooling tower temperature is very suitable for the growth of bacteria environment, slime will be a lot of breeding.
Vacuum filling machine equipment introduction
When the bottle material rises to the filling head outside the casing height.
What can the sterilization equipment used in the pharmaceutical workshop?
Others recommended Nanjing Haijie pharmaceutical workshop ozone generator, do not know how good,
For the quality of the beverage produced by the filling machine
My advice is: 1, starting from the source to find the cause, test your raw materials.
Equipment classification of water treatment equipment
, EDI deaerator system, factory drinking water equipment, bag filter, ozone sterilization device, the whole effect of integrated water processor, physical and chemical treatment unit, materialized full integrated water processor, permanent magnet processor, cyclone in addition to
Vertical continuous pressure leaf filter
Complex structure, suitable for large-scale production and automated control operations.