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Last night it went off at 3:40 am (of course). It scared the crap out of me and my daughter but there was no smoke. It was a chirp it was a full blown alarm and there was nothing. Why would it do this? I had to take it out of the ceiling to make it stop. Any ideas what happened.
Pipe strength may be specified by schedule number, determined as: Schedule number 1000 P/S where P service pressure (psi) S allowable stress (psi) PVC has a lower allowable stress than steel; therefore, a PVC pipe would have a thicker wall than steel for the same schedule number. PVC, steel, and other pressure pipe may be specified and manufactured to cast iron outside dimensions (CIOD), so that such pipe may be used with cast iron valves and other fittings. CIOD PVC pipe and CIOD steel pipe of the same nominal size and schedule number will have the same outside diameter, but different wall thickness due to allowable material stress.
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The fire alarm is for my house.The bell is better since the other alarms hurt my ears badly.Sorry for insulting :((
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Press the hydraulic pipe fittings standard need to do what procedures
Be sure to grasp the reasonable degree of withholding, with joint core hole shrinkage degree as the standard, GB joints under compression compression joints under ordinary small 0.1~0.4mm, small 0.1~2mm. Because the hose and the joint coat of different manufacturers, such as the GB standard for most northern rubber hose production plant, 602 standard for the south, foreign SAE standard, the factory hose, joint specific size, material may not be the same, so the buckling parameter table data for reference only, the specific size should be withheld according to the experimental pressure.
a good cheap rod to use with my team daiwa megaforce plus with twitching bar???
For most locations in the states you will use the line sizing tables in NFPA 54, the Fuel Gas Code, if you are in Canada as your name might suggest, you will want to check with the local authority having jurisdiction over your installation. The line sizing tables for gas are all basically the same, but some local jurisdictions use slight variations of the nationally recognized standards. You want to be careful using online tables; some tables are for liquid lines that are completely different than vapor service lines. Any tables you see that give flow reduction rates for various pipe fittings are for liquid service. Give the inspector a call and just inquire about what tables and standards are used in your area. Because it’s a school your installation may also require schedule 80 pipe, which will need to be color coded and labeled with flow direction arrows as well. It’s worth doing your homework before you start a job like you have there, because you don’t want to have to go back and re-do things later. Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but I hope it helps.
How do I distinguish the rigid clamp joint and the flexible clamp joint from the outward appearance?
The weight is different, the flexibility is heavier than the rigidity.Strengthen the side rib is not the same, flexibility is 3, rigid 2 road.Use difference: flexibility is mainly used in the pipe has a certain angle of bend. Good performance in earthquake resistance and other aspects.
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