Stainless Steel Window Handle

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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500 Sets set
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200,000 Sets per Month set/month

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Product Description:

stainless steel window handle

1.material:stainless steel


3.size:dia 19 X 135 X 60mm


5.packaging:white or colour inner and outer box


*stainless steel window handle,window hardware,window fitting

*Serviceable range: villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, public facilities and other facilities

*Export experience: more than 8 regions and nations

*Package: polyfoam bag / pair with inner small box finally in carton

*Payment terms: D/P, T/T and western union

*Mainly used in villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, chamber, public facilities and other buildings with high requirement in quality.



A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (ten years experienced technical )

D) Excellent service (years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.

G) OEM, ODM orders are acceptable


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Q:Normal 1.7 meters high adult use, wardrobe flat open door handle which height is appropriate?
The general standard is 1.1-1.2 basic reference to your door handle or lock the location of the same basic This is based on ergonomic
Q:My inner door on the door of the lock is a bit bad, how can it be removed. I thank you for the graph. Hope to have detailed steps
Round lock is not good demolition, it is best to find professional demolition,
Q:In the dry winter conditions, when you touch the door handle, or shake hands with people, often have the feeling of being shocked. Please explain why is this?
It is the body static, winter, summer will have. Human body static electricity is due to the human body's clothing and other friction generated by the attached to the human body static electricity. The generation of static electricity is due to the fact that the attraction of the outer electrons to the outer electrons is not sufficient to lose electrons under the influence of friction or other factors, resulting in some negatively charged negatively charged (ie, negatively charged with electrons) Electrons with positive charge). In the case of better insulation properties of the friction, these charges can not be lost, it will gather together. And the capacitance of the insulator is extremely poor, resulting in a situation where the amount of charge is small but the voltage is high. Wearing chemical fibers made of clothing is more prone to static electricity, and cotton clothing produced less. And because the dry environment is more conducive to the transfer and accumulation of charge, so the winter people will feel the body of the larger electrostatic. Under different humidity conditions, the electrostatic activity produced by human activities is different. Winter dry weather, wear clothes, do not often touch the water, resulting in static opportunities will be more. Summer, of course, there will be the same as the human body static, but only less than winter.
Q:Home decoration, aluminum window handle is like this, what is this brand? Logo is a hexagon, a middle vertical
I see from the figure, the aluminum handle is an ordinary handle, it is not a logo, fixed screwdriver position is the handle bar There are a lot of beautiful handles in the mall. This is not on the sign of the brand. ★ Google know [a family of a story] team carefully for your answer ---- ★ If you have any questions please ask - please help click on the following adoption - Thank you -
Q:How do you keep the brakes in front of the brakes?
Brake to the cable there is a fine-tuning screw, if there are finished off the line.
Q:Electric car speed handle handle structure
Inside is a linear Hall of the original, the magnetic field changes when the Hall will output the corresponding voltage, the Hall is 3 feet original, electric car 5v power supply, output, ground, turn the stick on a small magnet turn the handle when the magnet with the Hall Position changes, the output pin corresponding to the output 1-4v voltage, the controller according to the received handle to the motor power supply, to achieve the speed control purposes, which is the principle, the structure part see porters
Q:Is the car door handle very bright, the handle is plastic or metal material? Is the surface chrome or what is called electrolytic film?
At present, the domestic independent brands of automobile plants are basically in the use of chrome-plated inside and outside the handle, from the sales point of view, you can take "chrome" as a selling point to enhance the quality of the car. However, personally think that to enhance the quality of the car, not only from the appearance of the start, but also from the overall performance of the car, such as power, fuel economy, security and other considerations. Like the European cars, the use of "chrome" craft handle models are relatively small, but the overall quality of the car is good. Adopt oh
Q:Will the motorcycle electric handle how to install?
Headlights of the blue line is the low beam, the white line is the high beam, the green line is playing wire, electric handle the positive and negative lines can not be connected to the headlights, it is best to link the positive and negative batteries, Then connect a switch to the positive terminal.
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
What kind of security door do you have? What is your meaning for your singles? Is it a double door? Or is it only allowed to open it?
Q:My mother today hit the door handle static, plastic things will be electricity, touch my hand also have electricity, which is why ??
In the daily life of the friction is essentially a constant contact with the separation process. In some cases can not produce static friction, such as induction static electricity and so on. Any two different materials after the object contact and then separated, you can produce static electricity, and the common method of generating static electricity is friction and electricity. The better the insulation of the material, the more prone to static electricity. Because the air is also made up of atoms, and the electrons are not easy to flow on plastic, the metal is easy to flow and neutralize. So plastic things are more prone to static electricity than metal.
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