Long use life PVC Window Handle

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Product Description:

Type:Door handle

Material: Zamac / Zinc alloy

Finish: SN, PC, AB, AC, PB, PVD, etc

Spindle: 8x8x100(For 35-55 mm door thickness); thickness door option is available

Screws: with wood screws and fixing through screws

OEM: Accepted

Origin: China(Mainland)

Character:  zinc alloy door handles

a)Regular packing: Color box, then carton

b)Foam packing: avalaible
c)Double blister packing: available

Size: (mm)
Rose: dia 54 mm

handle: length 125 mm


  • Accept small quantity of multi-style.

  • OEM Quality.

  • One-stop service : we can help in mould design, mould manufacturer, production, shipment.

  • Highly skilled manufacturing process.

  • Well-trained staff for quality control and packing.

Order process:

  • Customer provide drawing or sample.

  • Discuss product function and other special request.

  • Quotation .

  • Mould design and manufacture.

  • Mould test and send sample to customers until confirmed ok.

  • Customers gives the plastic products purchasing order.

  • Mass production  and quality control.

  • Pack and shipment.

1 year against manufacturing defect

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Q:How to remove the spherical door handle
Remove the spherical door handle as follows: 1, the use of spherical lock accessories with a special removal of the grip of the iron, insert the grip under the hole. 2, in accordance with the previous steps, you can easily cut off easily. To continue to remove the ball lock steps are as follows: 1, in the removal of the handle on the basis of the use of a word screwdriver will grip the rear gasket pry. 2, the use of cross screwdriver or electric screwdriver will be fixed within the spherical lock screw loose. 3, from the other side of the ball lock the ball lock out. 4, the use of electric screwdriver or cross screwdriver will remove the bolt. 5, in the direction of the relative look at the lock handle, in the handle of a small part of a small hole, with hard fine things (such as nails) inserted into the hard to withstand, and pull the handle out of the ball The And then stuck in the door that disk counterclockwise out, you will see there are two screws, with the cross dice knife to remove, from the outside to be able to pull out the ball.
Q:Solution feng shui! Anti-theft door handle and the door inside the direction of the handle is not the same, will not bad?
The problem is not, the key is the direction of the door must be right. All the doors should be opened by the left, the so-called left Qinglong right white tiger, dragon in the left should move, white tiger in the right to quiet, so all the doors should be from the left open for Kyrgyzstan, that is, from the inside out, On the left side. Open the door if left and right easily lead to family disputes.
Q:Anti-theft door handle can change direction, Zeyang change
Can be changed, the door is divided into four in order to change the direction, it is necessary to remove the panel, with a ring clamp to remove the top of the ring, and then take down, pay attention to the order, and unloading reposition when the time to be careful. After the removal, turn the handle 180 degrees, it changed the direction of the. No experience who do not change their own. Because the spring is not good.
Q:Home decoration, aluminum window handle is like this, what is this brand? Logo is a hexagon, a middle vertical
It is not a logo, is the fixed handle of the screw position it There are a lot of beautiful handles in the mall. This is not on the sign of the brand
Q:Cabinet handle hole pitch is how much
Usually 32 times, such as 32mm, 64mm, 96mm, 128mm ... ... 480mm ... ... how much have.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum door and window handle installation method
This is certainly not good for outsiders to find professional people is no problem and you are not necessarily the handle is good is not bad ah? The The
Q:How do you keep the brakes in front of the brakes?
Is it a dish or a dish? If it is oil dish, you need to use the trumpet of the hexagonal tool, adjust the inside of the brake disc brake on the trip to fine-tune the screw on it, loose is to increase the trip, tight is to reduce the trip if it is line dish, as shown below: After the three is loose tune tight, the first four is the correction
Q:The little tongue of the room door can not be returned to the door, and now from the inside outside the door handle the door are not open.
One; the best solution is to find the local unlock the king to solve the general area of ​​the basic price of unlocking less than 80 yuan, if it is a bustling city unlock the price relative to the higher. If you do not want to spend money to solve that you can also try to solve their own; but must have one of the most important conditions, this condition is your room door must have a gap, the gap is basically 2-3 mm. Looking for a thinner scrap card or a better elastic piece of steel from the side of the slope of the tongue with the momentum or the momentum of the palm of your hand can be washed open, if there is no hard plastic card with steel, then you need to prevent the steel scratch your Palms, need to be careful. Three; the above two conditions you do not have the way to use the demolition lock to solve. Your door lock if the pressure or round the head of the lock you find the flat mouth or cross flower screwdriver, press the lock, with a screwdriver directly remove the lock on the shield up and down the two screw, and then remove Lock the core, and then you can see the connection of the mouth of the mouth, with the appropriate tools can be locked on the door to open the door to open the door. If the round head of the screw lock, you find a two-inch long nail in the round twist to the heel (lock neck) below a small hole, find the hole after the hand around the twist can see the hole There is a flat card spring, and then insert the nail into the hole will be that the reed and then pull out the round reel, and then in the opposite direction to unlock the lock on the cover can pull out the lock cylinder, the tongue In the above way to pull back to solve friends
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
Double live can be changed to a single open I can help you change
Q:Why some of the door handle stickers
Hello, according to your situation, the door handle stickers are mainly to prevent the car door scratches, because often need to open and close the door, the door handle will have a lot of scratches, paste the stickers, you can avoid scratches. Hope that my answer you can be happy to wish you a happy car. [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To

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