Door Handle For PVC Casement Door

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Door Handle For PVC Casement Door


Item No.Options
DescriptionBisect handle with lock and safe knob
ApplicationPVC casement door
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity




*Easy to install

*Long life performance

*OEM service is available.

*Durable, applied and secure

*First-class, competitive price and punctual delivery

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Q:Can the spherical lock and handle the door lock be interchangeably installed?
You mean that the ball lock into a handle when the ball lock can be replaced
Q:The prime minister is in my hand
This should be divided on the form of "the first few hands" and the actual "the number of hands." From the form that is the General Secretary of the National People's Congress Chairman of the State Council Prime Minister such a sequence. In fact, we often say that the party and the government. Then the party's head is the general secretary, the government is the prime minister. Like a province, the main role is the provincial party secretary and governor.
Q:What is the handle inside the wok?
Can not spare, some fried dishes when the big amount, end up exhausted, that handle is very important. The
Q:In the dry winter conditions, when you touch the door handle, or shake hands with people, often have the feeling of being shocked. Please explain why is this?
With the tip discharge, the fingertip contact with the object, the contact area is small, according to the tip of the charge density, resulting in discharge
Q:Door handle is generally on the left side of the door, but my bathroom door handle on the right, this is not wrong, how to solve?
The door has two faces, if the outside in the left is the inner surface in the right, taking into account the general number of access to the same door is roughly the same, so the basic can ignore the handle itself in the left and right on the convenience of the switch. The position of the handle (the door opening direction) is generally determined according to the position of the door and the arrangement and structure of the door on both sides. Adjusting the door opening direction at the same position will have an effect on the convenience of access. Plus a different position of the handle is different door, if you want to change the direction of the door open then you need to buy a new door, or the original door upside down (if possible).
Q:How to remove the glass door handle
Hello, glass to the door of the handle are indoor and outdoor a handle, the door handle out, most of the screws are loose, so you look at the screw is still above the hole in the handle, if in the words with a screwdriver Can be. On the contrary, if not in the case, I suggest you sell glass accessories where to go to a good screw! The screw is still above the handle, in the side of the drop of the handle you see a screw, you use the cross screwdriver twist down, and then have a section, you will be another screw and glass door above the hole did not handle the connection twist Tighten, and then twist down the screw before you can solve the problem!
Q:Door lock security door what is open and outside open? Is not to see the anti-theft door outside the handle toward the left to open the key to the left. Turn right at right. Is so
Key lock words; then the inside open refers to the handle in the house, outside with the key. Outside the key plus the handle to open the door can be other forms. If the door, then open the door is open, open the door is open.
Q:Motorcycle throttle handle is very tight, it is difficult to restore after the rotation?
Pull the line problem, replace one. Safety important.
Q:Do not care to pull the security door handle, how do? The
Do not know directly removed to ask the hardware store owner Well, the quality of the school are like the provincial province is the principle of the school, you do not have to blame. It is not expensive.
Q:How do you keep the brakes in front of the brakes?
Is it a dish or a dish? If it is oil dish, you need to use the trumpet of the hexagonal tool, adjust the inside of the brake disc brake on the trip to fine-tune the screw on it, loose is to increase the trip, tight is to reduce the trip if it is line dish, as shown below: After the three is loose tune tight, the first four is the correction

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