PVC Window Sliding Handle

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PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware
*Material:Aluminium alloy
*Application:PVC casement window & top-suspension window

PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware


Item No.Options
DescriptionInward Opening Luxury Handle
ApplicationPVC casement window & top-suspension window
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity80pcs


*  Easy to install

*  Prevents the burglary

*  Available in left and right hands.

*  Operational life test:50000 times at least.

*  Excellent quality and durable

*  OEM service is offered.

 *  Reliable suppier

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Q:Normal 1.7 meters high adult use, wardrobe flat open door handle which height is appropriate?
Chest and abdomen position, 1.2 meters or so
Q:Pressure cooker handle this valve in the stew when the leak, how to deal with?
The rubber ring in the lid to take down, it will not be the case
Q:Anti-theft door handle is a single live, from the outside when the key is very difficult to open. Can you change to double live? Are you safe?
Not necessarily have nothing to do with the lock cylinder, it may also have a relationship with the door, you buy the door keyhole did not rush, or the door gap is not very good, or a little sagging door, or the cylinder is very good to open. You can change a pair of double-sided activities of the handle. Install the handle of the time, more debugging about to see where the problem, the key in the middle of that root pole, with the outside only pull the hands, the other is no difference with the normal.
Q:Can the spherical lock and handle the door lock be interchangeably installed?
Can not, the hole is not the same, the ball door lock open 70 holes single hole, handle the door lock open 10 holes, 35 holes a, 25 by 40 holes a, you can not cover the original hole, Handball lock it is possible
Q:How does the mountain bike turn the handle from the other?
First remove the screws above it, and then attached to the line together down the line. To be energetic. Should have no effect, butterfly put the same.
Q:Plastic bucket on both sides of the handle is how to install the professional help! Thank you 1 right after adding 50 wealth value
Downstairs, plastic bucket with high frequency welding? The Landlord to the problem that some fine, both sides of the handle of the plastic barrels of life is rare
Q:Bicycle handle on the transmission
Left refers to a few people's power, the right is on behalf of several people, such as 3,7 is three manpower, on behalf of 7 people
Q:Is the car door handle very bright, the handle is plastic or metal material? Is the surface chrome or what is called electrolytic film?
At present, the domestic independent brands of automobile plants are basically in the use of chrome-plated inside and outside the handle, from the sales point of view, you can take "chrome" as a selling point to enhance the quality of the car. However, personally think that to enhance the quality of the car, not only from the appearance of the start, but also from the overall performance of the car, such as power, fuel economy, security and other considerations. Like the European cars, the use of "chrome" craft handle models are relatively small, but the overall quality of the car is good. Adopt oh
Q:The little tongue of the room door can not be returned to the door, and now from the inside outside the door handle the door are not open.
You are a spherical lock it, the quality of the tongue is not broken ring broken, or stuck
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
Double live can be changed to a single open I can help you change

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