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Product Description:

Material: stainless steel 304

Finish : PSS , SS

Package : simple box , color box

Output/month : 150000

Made by high quality stainless steel-Tube with high technology, the productions are guaranteed for quality. You can choose the rosette & escutcheon you need as well as the finish and the handle. We also can meet any your request about the products' structure and finish.

By focusing on producing high quality and security products,We keep up with fashion trends in Europe and America. On the surface treatment, we adopt American plating technology and appearance design using European concept. This makes our products very popular in American and European market.

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Q:Normal 1.7 meters high adult use, wardrobe flat open door handle which height is appropriate?
The general standard is 1.1-1.2 basic reference to your door handle or lock the location of the same basic This is based on ergonomic
Q:How does the mountain bike turn the handle from the other?
First remove the screws above it, and then attached to the line together down the line. To be energetic. Should have no effect, butterfly put the same.
Q:Electric car controller and handle the controller of the three turn the line and turn the hook after the connection regardless of how to turn the wheel will not move, but the red or green line
Black line may be broken in the middle of the place, with a multimeter to know what to know ~! You said the controller out of the red and green voltage 4.8V, then connected to the handle after the voltage on the 0.4V, the normal should be around 0.8V, twist turn when the voltage will rise, if not raised is Turn fault or black negative line breakpoint!
Q:How to remove the glass door handle
Hello, glass to the door of the handle are indoor and outdoor a handle, the door handle out, most of the screws are loose, so you look at the screw is still above the hole in the handle, if in the words with a screwdriver Can be. On the contrary, if not in the case, I suggest you sell glass accessories where to go to a good screw! The screw is still above the handle, in the side of the drop of the handle you see a screw, you use the cross screwdriver twist down, and then have a section, you will be another screw and glass door above the hole did not handle the connection twist Tighten, and then twist down the screw before you can solve the problem!
Q:The battery car did not turn the handle to open their own how the matter?
1: the handle line bad occasionally may be shorted. 2: personally think that the quality of the motor controller is bad, the possibility of false triggering greater.
Q:There is a security door after the handle removed, the two springs fall, and now do not know how to go up and hope that professionals can accurately answer
Important area, it is recommended to spend money please people. Anti-theft door handle is not easy to remove and restore
Q:How did the hair dye handle black?
My mother is their own hair, it is inevitable that every time she is to wash clothes, the color is nothing, if you are anxious to use alcohol to wipe it.No alcohol does not matter, and long to go with water.
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
What is the lock on the window? The window lock is easy to bad, but there are a lot of people do not know its name, it is not good to buy, here we introduce how to repair the door lock how to repair?... The Tools / raw materials screwdriver, crescent lock method / step window lock is the most commonly used crescent lock, installed in the aluminum alloy or steel window frame docking place, usually the handle is damaged, the easiest way to go to the hardware store to buy a replacement. First, you need a screwdriver to remove the damaged crescent lock from the window. If only the handle part is broken, you can not remove the lock on the other window frame. General crescent lock the size of the basic are the same, even if not buy the same can also be used. It can not be used and can not buy the right place only mobile hook. Install the new crescent lock in the original direction, tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and re-punch if the screw hole is not aligned. After the installation of the window closed, pull the handle to see if the hook with a good, if it can not lock the need to adjust the location of the hook or replace the new hook. END CAUTION Observe the direction of the old crescent lock and do not reverse the new lock
Q:On the step Yang anti-theft door of the problem: for the door is not matching the lock did not change the lock cylinder will not affect the security of the security door?
Is not the original hand of the handle that really do not have much relationship, as long as the hand is easy to use on the line. Handle and lock the core of the together. But there is a problem that you must go out after the time to remember to add anti-lock yo (that is, handle up to mention that) or else people put your door handle a pry open the words will be able to go in (on the lock body where people only Do not lock the words can be opened). I am dedicated to the door, hoping to help you.
Q:Would you like to ask the wooden door in the store to do the door handle also use their shop to buy it?
This matching comparison, if you do not like can change ah, replaced a little security! To the decoration city hardware store, a lot of locks
We focus on offering a wide range of hardware products. Our high quality products with competitive prices always meet the demands of the global market. We are proud of our successful export markets in Europe, South Africa and other regions. Furthermore, we are confident in our capacity as we have professional technicians in our factory. Based on superior quality and timely delivery, we maintain a stable production capacity of stainless steel casting lever handles and tubular lever handles.

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