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Service Van Shelving Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Service Van Shelving supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Service Van Shelving firm in China.

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What kinds of shelves are suitable for home power plants?
The loft shelf is the best place to make full use of space, and now a lot of power plants have done it, and ilett has heard of it and done a lot
Supermarket shelves rust, what spray should you use?
Hello. I am in weifang xiaoyu shelf. Our company is on the shelf. All we know is that our company is made of plastic powder. It doesn't taste when it comes out.
How to extend the shelf life of bread
Formulation, processing technology, packaging and storage conditions. Changing any one of them could affect the shelf life of the product -- possibly positive or negative.
What categories of fixed assets do warehouse shelves belong to
Fixed assets are the means of labor of enterprises, and also the main assets that enterprises depend on to produce and operate. From the Angle of the accounting division, with fixed assets, fixed assets is generally divided into production non-production use of fixed assets, rent out, without the use of fixed assets, fixed assets don't need a fixed assets, fixed assets, financing lease on receiving those donated fixed assets, etc.
The difference between the "v" shelf layout and the vertical shelf layout
Design of picking areas. When the unit of the goods in the warehouse is greater than the unit at the brake, the sorting is the main consideration of the warehouse layout. At this point, the design should be performed according to the main function of the warehouse. Specified in the design of the warehouse of the contact area for the store block, specify the other difference is picking area, picking goods than small storage trays, so deep, often only two tray or shelf size only half of the storage area to store shelves, picking area of three highly convenient to workers can level height is limited. In the sorting area, the same supplier or the same customer may be centrally located in order to collect the goods. The layout of this site plays a critical role in the quality of customer service. If the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to proprietary limited storage space of the warehouse, differentiate storage area and picking area, and designed the layout of the two areas, delivery to improve the working efficiency of the logistics and warehouse utilization.
What is the principle of store shelves
Put in warehouse shelves design, not only is to provide space utilization, should pay attention to not only consider racking up to put how many, because the higher the warehouse space utilization, relative to the practical feasibility and convenience of the operation will reduce, for example, like the single row of shelves against the wall, is the performance of the practical feasibility, if put on one side of the wall double row, then in the line of warehouse shelves are inconvenient to access goods, without a wall of the warehouse shelves put single row, can cause waste of space, thought that each row of shelves are distance, average distance is set to 1 m, so convenient access to goods. In general, we should fully understand the warehouse environment such as warehouse area, type, channel, height, ground, fire protection and so on. Related equipment: forklift, elevator, elevator. The aisle for the forklift. Turn length and so on. Follow the flow of goods and be able to do it both manually and mechanically.
Where is the best place for fruit?
The steel wood is more cost-effective than the actual wood shelf, the weight is stronger, the durability is more durable, and the aesthetics are not inferior.
Do you know what's going on in the storage rack?
Limited to the limited bidding documents, the price is 60%, the experts account for 30%, and enterprise strength and credit 10%. Can be seen from the above table also, occupied the main points in the price of the bid, the other couldn't have highlighted the component score, as long as can satisfy the technical parameters and requirements of the tender. Finding cost-effective equipment is a difficult problem for equipment bidding.