Seasoning Packing Machine

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Capacity  Vacuum Bag:10Action/MIN(MAX)
Inflatable Bag:8Action/MIN(MAX)
Blister Bag:10Action/MIN
Width Of Film On Bottom300-420mm
Shape DegreePull Down 80mm
Product For Packing  Food/grocery/Medical Objects/Industry
Body LengthStandard:3000mm /Length:4000mm
Compressed Air Supply0.6Mpa/·~120L/Action
Cooling Water    >0.2-0.3Mpa·4-5L/min
Voltage     Phase AC200V 12KVA
Machine Weight     ~1100kg

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Q:According to the classification of binding materials
The plastic belt used is mainly polypropylene belt, there are nylon belt, polyester belt and so on.
Q:What is the heat shrink packaging machine?
Heat shrinkable machine is widely used in glass bottles, styrofoam, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruit, commemorative labels and other items.
Q:The use, maintenance and installation of filling machines
5, the machine must be kept clean, the machine is strictly prohibited oil, liquid or glass debris, so as to avoid damage to the machine, it must:
Q:How to achieve vacuum nitrogen filling packaging
Vacuum nitrogen filling machine is the use of the most advanced packaging technology, set the nitrogen, vacuum, nitrogen, heat sealing as one of the semi-automatic multi-functional packaging machinery, the program by the PLC programming system automatically control, large LCD touch screen interface,
Q:Magnetrons need to DC high-voltage power supply
The microwave application is an expanded waveguide that uses it as a place for electromagnetic and material interactions.
Q:What is the oil filling machine?
At present, most of the domestic manufacturers of oil filling machine manufacturers in Shandong
Q:Vacuum packaging machine applications
chemicals, herbs, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals such as vacuum Packaging,
Q:What are the prospects for the development of the strapping machine?
Large, low output rate, serious environmental pollution, destructive natural resources; the overall size of enterprises is too small, the technological innovation ability is weak, the management level is backward and so on.
Q:Filling machine classification
The machine which is filled with the product at a predetermined mass into the packaging container becomes a weighing type filling machine.
Q:The working principle of vacuum packaging machine
With the increase in the degree of automation, packaging machine operation, maintenance and daily maintenance more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills of the operator requirements.

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