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Packing Speed≤120Packs/MIN
Film Width≤450mm
Cut Off Length90-9999mm90-400mm
Product SizeW: ≤200mm H:≤140mm
Machine Weight~1000kg
VoltagePhase 380V 50HZ

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.  

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Q:What is the dryer?
The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing.
Q:What is the vat water filling machine
The machine body all use high-quality stainless steel, other parts are also used non-toxic, durable combination of materials, electrical and pneumatic systems using imported components, equipment failure rate is low, high reliability.
Q:The conversion factor of grain condition
China has no food dry machine performance conversion of national standards.
Q:Pillow Packaging Machine Failure Repair
Third, the film color color is too light, the film drive slippery, the color mark is not open when the cut off the location of the deviation from the color standard, then repair the method is to refer to the packaging machine instructions, adjust its sensitivity; in the man-machine dialogue interface,
Q:What is multi-functional packaging machine?
There are cams and bevel gears of the I-axis connection, I-axis cam through the indexing mechanism to connect the turntable solid shaft, I axis at the same time through a pair of bevel gears and cams and bevel gears equipped with II axis, II shaft
Q:) After the operation of the work
(1) do a good job after the run of the equipment cleaning, lubrication, fastening, replacement or repair of faulty parts and debugging, so that equipment into the best use of the state;
Q:The working principle of the dryer
Such as wood in the production of wood mold, wood drying can prevent the deformation of the product, ceramic billet in the calcination before drying can prevent the finished product cracking.
Q:Development Trend of Vacuum Packaging Machine
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine with vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling one-time completion of the function, mainly for tea, peanuts, shrimp, corn and other food packaging.
Q:The working principle of vacuum packaging machine
With the increase in the degree of automation, packaging machine operation, maintenance and daily maintenance more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills of the operator requirements.
Q:Filling machine washing and washing
2, the inlet tube placed in the cleaning solution to start cleaning.

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