Candy Packing Machine

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Packing Speed≤120Packs/MIN
Film Width≤450mm
Cut Off Length75-9999mm90-9999mm
Product SizeW: ≤200mm H:≤80mmW: ≤200mm H:≤140mm
Machine Weight~1000kg
VoltagePhase 380V 50HZ

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.

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Q:What is the conversion of unit heat
The unit heat consumption of the grain dryer under standard conditions is calculated as follows:
Q:The working principle of labeling machine
The label is affixed to the object when the label wheel is moving at the same speed as the object.
Q:The use, maintenance and installation of filling machines
2, before driving must first shake the handle with the handle, to see whether there is a change in the shape of it, and indeed found that normal can drive.
Q:Vertical packaging machine plc is not where the distinction between plc
counting and arithmetic operations, etc. If there is no PLC will be packaged when the packaging is not stable,
Q:The main configuration aspects of the filling machine are advantages
Brand, and in our practice test is the most reliable quality, the most stable performance of the motor and vacuum pump.
Q:What is the labeling machine?
When the sensor sends a label to prepare the label, the drive wheel on the labeling machine rotates.
Q:New side - hanging operating platform
The new structure of the ten-station fully closed intermittent turntable, upper and lower template one-way movement safe and reliable, closed structure to ensure that products from lubricating oil pollution, safety in line with GMP requirements.
Q:The characteristics of the labeling machine
It is suitable for the ideal equipment of high precision and accurate labeling on the small size plane material such as circuit board, automobile precision parts, carton
Q:What is outside the pumping vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum packaging machine is mainly designed for large packaging vacuum packaging and design, and within the pumping vacuum packaging machine structure is different from the outside of the vacuum packaging machine is sent through the nozzle into the packaging of packaging
Q:Why different labeling machine manufacturers offer are not the same?
A high-end technology with the labeling machine manufacturers, the production of the labeling machine in terms of quality, efficiency, of course, better than other labeling machine, so the price compared with other labeling machine is also slightly higher

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