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we're making cupcakes but don't have the real cupcake paper that goes on the outside when you bakecould we use something else?
I would line the cups with aluminum foil or parchment paper, or just rub lightly but thoroughly with vegetable shortening.
The cookie sheet is Farberware and it is non-stickI used it to cook/heat up various things in the oven and now it has brown stains on itAny advice on how to clean it is appreciated.I started using a new cookie sheet with aluminum foil so it wouldn't stainedAny other tips? I'm a newlywed and new at this kind of thing.: )
What is the mean of- Om Triyambakam Yajamahe,Orawarukib Bandhnan,Mritayo Murkshi Mamratat.
Our local Boy Scouts go scouting for nonperishable foodThey will be picking it up on SaturdayI want to buy a case of something that is really needed and something healthyI’ve never worked at a Food Bank so I don’t know what they run out of the most? Thanks.
cereal oatmeal (variety packs are nice) canned soup canned vegetables canned fruit in own juices peanut butter sunbutter (not all children can have peanuts) jelly canned fish Spam canned chicken vienna sausages canned pasta (like ravioli and spaghetti-os) rice dry beans Helper type meals macaroni and cheese rice mixes pork and beans/Beanie Weenie salt and pepper herbs/spices granola bars canned chili refried beans whole grain crackers whole grain pasta pasta sauce canned tomatoes instant potatoes dried fruit (snack packs of raisins are especially handy) beef jerky velveeta (doesn't have to be refrigerated) fruit juices tea bags dry milk powder sugar Jiffy mix cornbread All-in-one baking mixes Jell-o cooking oil flour aluminum foil ziplock bags cream of soups for making meals from scratch whole grain cookies animal crackers graham crackers marshmallows cake mixes onions ramen noodles ketchup
it would save me quite a lot of labor if I could just buy a greenhouse kit, but I seriously question if twin wall polycarbonate in an aluminum frame would be adequate if i would like to grow plants year roundI had planned on triple wall and a treated wood frame that I build myselfopinions? tx!
Double is good, triple is betterPhotoperiod (length of daylight) is important, and you are quite far northThe short winter days will annoy the plants, but not kill themAs the size of the greenhouse increases, so does its thermal mass, and you want the greatest thermal mass that you can afford8 x 6 is awfully smallIt may be a small volume, but the heater is gonna work a lot to keep it at the req'd tempSmall thermal mass means that it will lose heat quicklyIn NW IL, I run a 25 x 25 greenhouse with double-paned polycarbWe got down to -30 FThe plants chugged right on through This includes my cycads, orchids, and agavesIs your greenhouse a lean-to or does it stand alone? How will you prepare the floor to protect against the cold? Lots of stuff to consider.
Im thinking of getting an Aluminum Macbook next year and my main uses will be for school work and internet aside from iTunesDo you suggest getting that or a dell pc laptop for less moneyAlso, if I get the word 2008, how is the compatibility with other pcs like if I have to email my teachers a paper that was done on wordWould she have trouble opening it?.Any other advice on Macbooks is appreciatedThanks.
Ingredients: 2 2/3 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup butter 2/3 cup creamy peanut butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Additional sugar 5 dozen kisses, unwrapped Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F In a large bowl, mix flour, salt, and baking sodaAdd butter and peanut butter and mix until smoothAdd sugars and beat until light and fluffyAdd eggs and vanilla and mix until smooth Make balls out of level tablespoons of dough - add flour if neededRoll in sugar Bake 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet for 8 minutes Remove from oven and add 1 kiss to the center of each cookieReturn to the oven and bake for 2 more minutes Cool and enjoy.
I heard that using aluminum foil and salt to add water can make the silver ring bright. Who told me what aluminum foil is and where can I buy it?
The use of aluminum foil is very extensive, such as aviation food packaging, cigarette packaging and other packaging ordinary carnivorous. The experts divided it into more than 20 varieties according to its application characteristics. Because of the difference of economic development in different countries, there is a big gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil. In Europe and the United States, aluminum foil used in packaging accounts for 70% of the total demand. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacture. Packaging aluminum foil accounts for only 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is late, the market is growing rapidly and the prospect is interesting.
i want to make sushi but i dont have a Makisu, and if i buy one i'll probably never use it again so if there is a common house hold item I could use as a replacement please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I learned using a sheet of aluminum foilIt works fine.
The Hindenburg was filled with flammable hydrogen, but recent research suggests that hydrogen wasn't the only dangerous material involved in its tragic demise. Do you think an aluminum can would behave in the same manner as powdered aluminum? Why or why not?
it somewhat relies upon on what experience you're speaking approximately. they'll the two react with a similar issues, they'll the two habit electrical energy (nevertheless the former to no longer boot), yet any sort of chemical exchange will ensue plenty quicker for the powdered aluminum through further floor section.