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How do you grind coffee beans without grinding machines?
Pack the stones and smash themOf course, the effect is generally not grinding beans machine
Is the coffee grinding machine clean with water?
Remove and wash. It can not be washed directly
Can you choose the grinding thickness by hand?Does it work hard? = =?What brand is good?And what's the choice of the coffee roaster?...
Yes, you canYes, no, LAVAZZA, ESPRESSO, POINT, don't shake
Is coffee grinder good for electric or manual?
Electric better; but to buy quality clearance; or not as manual?
Hand coffee grinder how to clean, it is small kind
No water, how to wash, split into small pieces, washed and dried cloth on the line
Which is good, coffee grinder, manual and automatic?
The hand is the American, at will, you will see is the electric household and commercial, household cheap 200-300 little eagle, a little ZD-15 is to block 600, a little better is Solis 1661300 down again is 1600 under the 500N
Where can I get the coffee grinder?
If you buy a professional grinding machine, or go to the store, after-sales maintenance is guaranteed, but also allows professionals to help debug, or teach us how to operate. After all, it takes two thousand or three thousand yuan to buy a professional grinding machine, but it's better to look at the machine before buying it. If the small bean machine to buy that kind of household words, store or Taobao OK, how to adjust the thickness of the grinding machine, you can communicate with the seller, generally do not have what problem.
How to choose a professional coffee grinder?
You are domestic or commercial, the family to Taobao to see elegant, EM-18 cost-effective, stable performance